Issue Report ● *American Jobs Act
For Immediate Release: 
October 31, 2011
Today marks 300 days since Republicans took control of the House majority and pledged to focus on Americans’ top concerns: growing the economy and creating jobs. But after 300 days, Republicans have taken little action to help put Americans back to work and still do not have a comprehensive plan. While children across the country dress as ghosts and goblins for trick or treating on Halloween night, Republicans are busy dressing up their partisan ideas as jobs bills, leaving the American people with plenty of tricks but no treats:
TRICK: Putting forward an agenda that is more focused on ideology than putting Americans back to work:
Republicans continue to focus on partisan bills that won’t create jobs or grow the economy; instead they focus on rolling back critical environmental and consumer protections – many of which aren’t even in effect yet.
  • Economists have said these bills won’t put Americans back to work:
    • Former Reagan economic advisor Bruce Bartlett: “As for the idea that cutting regulations will lead to significant job growth, Bartlett said in an interview, ‘It's just nonsense. It's just made up.’” [AP, 10/30/11]
    • Macroeconomic Advisors: “Regulation does not prevent the economy from achieving full employment. After all, the economy wasn’t that much less regulated in 2007 when the unemployment rate was 4.5%, half of today’s reading… The problem here is the difficulty of quantifying the productivity gain from many of the regulatory proposals…For example, we have no reliable way to measure the effects on national employment or overall productivity of preventing the EPA from tightening its regulation of dust in rural America.” [10/21/11]
    • Gus Faucher, the director of macroeconomics at Moody’s Analytics: “But in the short term, demand is weak, businesses aren’t hiring, and consumers aren’t spending. That’s the cause of the current weakness — and Republican Senate proposals aren’t going to address that in the short term… In fact, they could be harmful in the short run.” [Washington Post, 10/14/11]
  • Republicans have admitted in their own report on the TRAIN Act, a bill that would block clean air protections, that there is no analysis to back up their claims that environmental protections hurt job creation: “There has been no analysis of the cumulative impact of these regulations on unemployment in the United States, or on the likelihood of manufacturers to move facilities abroad to take advantage of lower energy prices and more business-friendly regulatory approaches.”
  • And study after study shows no indication that these protections hurt employment or hamper economic growth:
TREAT: An agenda based on proposals Republicans have supported in the past that will grow the economy and create jobs now:
House Democrats’ Make It In America plan supports job creation by providing an environment for businesses to innovate and make products here in the U.S. – which will help more families make it in America – and addresses Americans’ top priorities: boosting our economy and helping put more people back to work. 
And the American Jobs Act, which overlaps with and complements the Make It In America plan – is fully paid for and based on bipartisan ideas that will help small businesses grow, get teachers, first responders and construction workers back to work, rebuild our nation’s roads and bridges, and put more money back in Americans’ pockets.
Rather than pursue a partisan agenda, it’s time for Republicans to get serious about job creation. President Obama is right – we can’t wait. We need to pursue a comprehensive jobs plan and we hope Republicans will work with us on our bipartisan proposals that will give our country what it needs: jobs.
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