Tax and Appropriations

Hoyer Discusses the Fiscal Cliff on CNN's "The Starting Point"

“Everybody believes we ought not to go off the cliff. Sequester is not a good idea, and if we went off the cliff it would have substantial adverse effects on the economy. Nobody wants to go over the cliff including, in my opinion, [Speaker] John Boehner. However, we ought not to hold hostage middle-class tax cuts.”

Hoyer: America Expects Us to Work Together To Reach Balanced, Bipartisan Solutions

“I tell my friend from California, the Gentleman from California whose dollar was at issue here. The Gentleman from California, I will tell you with all due respect and affection, your party over the last 10 years took that dollar and they bought those mints. And they went to the six subsequent stores and they gave them a credit card for the next mints they bought. It's time to pay the bill. I have a very short time but I want to make the point, you kept buying mints you just didn't keep paying.

Hoyer Statement on CBO's Updated Budget and Economic Outlook

For Immediate Release:

August 22, 2012


Katie Grant, 202-225-3130

Office of the Democratic Whip Steny H.<div class=###

New York Times Op-Ed: The Clinton Tax Challenge for Republicans

After skipping town for the summer with a long list of unfinished business, Republicans are back home in their districts, scrambling to find an argument to explain why they blocked middle class tax relief for American families, after the Senate passed a bill and the President indicated he would sign it. By leaving town, they are continuing to hold middle class tax cuts hostage until they get additional tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans that our country cannot afford.