Republican Outrages

Morning Round-up: Rushing TrumpCare Edition

Despite promising transparency and an open process, House Republicans are bringing TrumpCare to the Floor without an updated CBO score.  The hypocrisy hasn’t gone unnoticed:

The Hill: GOP rushing to vote on healthcare without analysis of changes

“House Republicans are once again fast-tracking consideration of their ObamaCare replacement bill without knowing the full impact of the legislation they’ll vote on Thursday.”

Hoyer Statement on Scheduled TrumpCare Vote

For Immediate Release:

May 3, 2017


Mariel Saez 202-225-3130

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TrumpCare Fact Check: Spicer Edition

Today’s press briefing by the White House Press Secretary had quite a few alternative facts about #TrumpCare. Here’s a look at Spicer’s comments and how they fail to match reality:

Claim: Spicer said it was "literally impossible" to predict the effects of the legislation.

Hey GOP, this is what your constituents think of #TrumpCare

For any Republican who is thinking about supporting #TrumpCare, here’s a refresher on how those town halls went during the last District Work Period: 

Spicer Is Right: #TrumpCare Is Unbelievable

Sean Spicer is right about one thing: #TrumpCare is an unbelievable bill.

It’s unbelievable that Republicans would vote to take away health coverage from 24 million Americans and force others to pay more for less.

It’s unbelievable that Republicans want to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

It’s unbelievable that Republicans are willing to impose an age tax on older Americans.

And it’s unbelievable that Republicans would vote on this bill without even knowing what it’ll cost.

And by nobody, he means the Freedom Caucus…

Really, Speaker Ryan? “Nobody has a problem” with the Upton amendment?

Upton Doesn't Know What His Amendment Actually Does

This is something Republicans on the fence need to see: Rep. Upton admits he doesn't know if his OWN amendment will fix #TrumpCare's problems with pre-existing conditions (hint: it won't).

Morning Roundup: “GOP Scrambles” Edition

So far it appears that the third time is NOT the charm for House Republicans trying to bring TrumpCare to the Floor for a vote. Here’s a look at how things are going:

How is the GOP’s whip count going?

All of the time that Vice President Pence has been spending on the House side doesn’t seem to be yielding the results that GOP leaders are looking for on TrumpCare.