Republican Outrages

Whip Hoyer on CNBC Discussing the CR Negotiations and the 2012 GOP Budget Proposal

...There's so many Republicans taking the position that you either take what we passed, we'll not compromise, or we're going to shut down the government. That won't work...

Hoyer Floor Statement on GOP’s Deem and Pass Bill

“April fool's, America. This is a joke, America. This is not real, America. As a matter of fact, Mr. Wooddall of Georgia says it's not real; it's not going to pass the Senate. He made that very clear. The Majority Leader just said if the Senate won't take what we give them we're going to shut down the government. That's what he just said. And that's what I believe to be the case...

Hoyer: It’s Time to Find Common Ground and Prevent A Government Shutdown

“In 1998, as a Republican Congress was struggling to compromise with a Democratic president on a budget bill, a Member of the House rose to speak to what he called ‘the Perfectionist Caucus’—those Members who stood against compromise under any circumstances. Here’s what he said: ‘Now, my fine friends who are perfectionists, each in their own world, where they are petty dictators, could write a perfect bill…

Hoyer: Closing Tax Loopholes Must Be Part of the Answer to Budget Challenges

"Last week, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough said this about the hard work of getting America out of debt: 'The belief of some on the right that America can balance the budget by cutting education, infrastructure, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and home heating assistance to the poor is tantamount to budgetary witchcraft.'

Hoyer Discussing Budget Negotiations with Cantor During Weekly Colloquy what i am saying to my friend very sincerely is he can preach all he wants is we need to cut spending. We agree with that. And the issue is where do you cut it from, what impact does it have, does it sustain the economy or does it deflate the economy? Does it create jobs or does it lose jobs? Does it help people who need help or does it abandon people who need help? That's the issue...

Leader Hoyer on MSNBC's Hardball Discussing the 9/11 Health Bill and Don't Ask Don't Tell

I think we had a lot of very important things that we wanted to get done and what the election did was it took away the high motivation for obstructionism that I think existed prior to the election. As a result, we were able to sit down at the table and agree on some things and move forward. The 9/11 bill, as you know, just got 70% of the votes that were cast...

Hoyer Floor Statement on Tax Package

...this bill, the President of the United States believes, and I believe, will have a positive effect on the economy and I think we need that. And unlike some of my colleagues whose views I share but have reached a different conclusion, I will vote for this bill. I don't want to see middle income working people in America get a tax increase...

Leader Hoyer Discussing Tax Cuts on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

"I simply do not believe the deep debt that comes from Republicans upper income and estate tax cut is worth their minimal impact on job creation. Those cuts, in my view, harm our long-term prosperity with little short-term gain in return."

Hoyer Discussing the President's Compromise on Taxes and Unemployment Insurance on MSNBC's Morning Joe

We obviously have passed a bill which I think reflected what the Democrats believed was appropriate and that is a cut in middle income tax rates and make sure they don't go up in January. I think the overwhelming majority of the American public supported that policy, including Republicans, 52% in a CBS news poll shows that they supported that policy...

The Real Republican Agenda: Taking Our Eye off the Real Fight, Putting Our Nation at Risk

For Immediate Release:

August 23, 2010



Today Republicans unveiled their agenda calling for the exact same failed policies of the past.  The national security agenda presented, once again, does not focus on the real fight against terrorism and the places that give them sanctuary and put our nation at risk.  A review of the Real Republican Agenda:
Taking Eye Off Main Fight Against Terrorism