Republican Outrages

Nothing New in the House Republican Budget

Well, it looks like reporters could have saved their time and reprinted their budget preview stories from last year.  Once again, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Republican Budget is expected to include extreme cuts to critical programs – even worse than previous years – and is nothing more than a political messaging document. We’ve all seen this story before, and know how it ends.

ICYMI - Milbank: Darrell Issa silences Democrats and hits a new low

In the “completely unbelievable” news category, we’ve got yesterday’s remarkable actions by Chairman Issa to deny Democrats, in particular Ranking Member Cummings, the opportunity to speak and ask questions during a hearing. (We thought that’s what members are supposed to do at a hearing? Speak and ask questions? Apparently not when Chairman Issa is running the show.) The headlines sum it up:

House Republicans Giving Up on 2014?

If you were hoping that the House was going to keep getting things done this year, House Republicans have disappointing news for you. Instead of continuing to work in a bipartisan fashion that got things done in recent weeks, Republicans have decided to put party ahead of country and will spend the rest of the year papering over their deep divisions. From the Washington Post:

2013 GOP-led House of Representatives Digital Calendar Year-in-Review

For Immediate Release:

December 20, 2013

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GOP’s Historic Lack of Activity and Long To-Do List

With only 8 remaining legislative days scheduled in 2013, a look at the Republican-led House of Representatives shows a lackluster record with a long list of items left to address. And we’re not the only ones taking note of the Do Nothing GOP:  

Washington Post:

What Has the GOP Accomplished? Getting Disdain from Business

In the 10th day of the GOP government shutdown, Republicans are still no closer to their stated goal of dismantling the Affordable Care Act, but they have managed to accomplish something— receiving the disdain of the business community:

The Headlines Aren’t Good for the GOP

A quick look at the headlines since House Republicans announced their continued hostage-taking strategy shows that it isn’t going over well:

Bloomberg: House Republican Plan Increases Chances for U.S. Shutdown

“The Republican-led U.S. House is poised today to pass a plan to delay portions of Obamacare, moving toward a political collision that will probably shut down much of the government Oct. 1.”

Headline of the Day: Graham: Those Who Cause Government Shutdown Will Be Enemies for Life

Looks like things aren’t so friendly among Republicans in the Senate. Here’s what Senator Lindsey Graham had to say about Republicans threatening to shut down the government over an unrelated, partisan issue:

“If the government shuts down, it’s not what you think it would be. I have actually experienced that. If anybody creates a process where our military doesn’t get paid, and their families, they’re going to make an enemy … of me for life.”

Republicans Threaten Government Shutdown and Default, Slash Nutrition Assistance for Families

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September 20, 2013

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Hoyer Statement on Republican Continuing Resolution

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September 11, 2013


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