Turns Out Taking Away Health Care Doesn't Make You More Popular

For anyone who has seen reports of constituents speaking out against TrumpCare across the country, it should come as no surprise that the bill is  deeply unpopular among the American people.

GOP to Trump: We Need an Independent Commission

Last night, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, igniting responses from both sides of the aisle calling for an independent commission to investigate President Trump’s ties to Russia.

Hoyer Statement on the Firing of FBI Director James Comey

For Immediate Release:

May 9, 2017


Mariel Saez 202-225-3130

Office of the Democratic Whip Steny H.<div class=###

What We All Have in Common

Who is forced to pay more for less under TrumpCare? Everyone. While Republicans jammed their harmful TrumpCare bill though the House without an updated CBO score and without holding a single hearing, every American, including those with employer-based coverage, would be harmed by the consequences of the legislation:

New York Times: G.O.P. Bill Could Affect Employer Health Coverage, Too

GOP Faces More Constituent Backlash Over TrumpCare

It hasn’t even been a full week since House Republicans jammed #TrumpCare through the House, but constituents are making their concerns known and voicing their strong opposition to the bill. Here’s a look at what they are saying:

TrumpCare Fact Check Sunday Shows Edition

Another weekend, another set of false claims from Republicans regarding their TrumpCare bill. NBC News breaks down some of the false claims we heard from Republicans on the Sunday shows:

Paging House Republicans: Your Constituents Aren't Happy About #TrumpCare

While Republicans celebrate jamming #TrumpCare through the House of Representatives, their constituents back home are voicing very real concerns about the adverse impact the bill will have on themselves and their families:

California’s 21st District: David Valadao, Kevin McCarthy vote for health-care bill; critics include governor

Hoyer Delivers Weekly Democratic Address

For Immediate Release:

May 5, 2017


Mariel Saez 202-225-3130

Office of the Democratic Whip Steny H.<div class=###

This is what Republicans voted for

Here’s a quick reminder of what Republicans voted for yesterday, courtesy of NBC News:

TrumpCare Roundup: "Already Dead" Edition

House Republicans are celebrating their “win” after voting to kick 24 million Americans off of their coverage, but it’s not playing out so well in the news. From breaking Trump’s promise of insurance for everybody to the bill’s poor reception among Senate Republicans and doctors, hospitals, and insurers, here’s a look at the headlines:

Washington Post: This is not the health-care bill that Trump promised