September 4, 2007The Daily Whip
Suspension Bills
September 5, 2007The Daily Whip
Native-American Housing Assistance
August 31, 2007The Weekly Whip
Native American Housing; Election Reform; Patent Reform
September 3, 2007The Daily Whip
Suspension Bills
April 25, 2007Press Item
Just 36 hours after ending a dozen years of GOP control in Congress last November, Reps. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) sat with President Bush and Vice President Cheney in the Oval Office for photographs that would be transmitted worldwide.
August 27, 2007Press Item
Read more about the accomplishments of the New Direction Congress.
August 3, 2007Press Item
Energy, Defense, FISA, emergency funds for Minnesota
February 27, 2007Press Item
His father abandoned him. His stepfather was an alcoholic. By his sophomore year at the University of Maryland, Steny Hoyer was short of cash, getting D's and drifting.
August 7, 2007Press Item
After seven months in office, House Democrats are addressing the priorities of the American people. We have passed significant legislation with bipartisan support, and we are making real progress on important issues in order to defend our country, restore the American dream, and achieve energy independence.