December 12, 2007Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke at a press conference this morning with the Blue Dog Coalition to urge Senate Republicans to join House and Senate Democrats in supporting fiscally responsible AMT legislation.
December 12, 2007Press Item
Let me say right at the top: Department of Defense workers are not going to be furloughed. That is not going to happen.
December 12, 2007Press Item
It is unfortunate, and indeed shameful, that President Bush has once again vetoed fiscally responsible, bipartisan legislation that would provide health insurance coverage to 10 million low-income American children.
December 11, 2007The Daily Whip
Defense Authorization, Intel Authorization, TRIA, AMT
December 12, 2007Press Item
House Democrats will abide by their PAYGO pledge and bring a fully paid-for AMT bill to the Floor this week to protect 23 million Americans from an unexpected tax increase.
December 7, 2007The Weekly Whip
Suspensions;Foregin Ops Authorization; DOD Authorization; TRIA
December 10, 2007Press Item
Appropriations and Suspensions.
December 7, 2007Press Item
Today’s jobs report is just another indication that our economy, under President Bush, continues to muddle along, while millions of Americans are afflicted with economic insecurity and grappling with rising health care costs, gas prices and college costs and stagnating household income.
December 5, 2007Press Item
Today the House considers the Energy Independence and Security Act.
December 5, 2007The Daily Whip
Energy, Suspensions
December 6, 2007Press Item
First, let me state the obvious: Without question, the Alternative Minimum Tax is not working as originally intended.
December 6, 2007Press Item
Let us hope, many years from now, that this day – December 6, 2007 – will be remembered by future generations as the date upon which this new direction 110th Congress took an historic step in moving our nation toward real energy independence and casting off the bonds of dependency that threaten America’s national, economic and environmental security.
December 6, 2007Press Item
I am pleased to learn of Secretary Paulson’s plan to aid borrowers at risk for foreclosure as the result of interest rate resets scheduled to impact nearly two million homeowners.
November 30, 2007Press Item
After consultations today, Democratic leaders in Congress have decided to send bipartisan legislation that would ensure that 10 million low-income American children receive the health insurance coverage that they need and deserve to the White House.
December 1, 2007Press Item
I would like to commend the efforts of Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Dingell, Senators Inouye and Stevens, and the other Members of Congress who have spent countless hours in the critical effort to aggressively increase CAFE standards without jeopardizing American jobs.
December 3, 2007The Daily Whip
Suspensions; Go to conference on Inteligence Authorization
December 4, 2007Press Item
The President, once again, reiterated his demand for a blank check for the war in Iraq – a blank check that the American people and Democrats in Congress oppose.
December 4, 2007The Daily Whip
Energy, Defense and Suspensions
November 30, 2007The Weekly Whip