May 11, 2007Press Item
Weekly wrap-up.
May 9, 2007Press Item
More than 100 U.S. lawmakers sent China's President Hu Jintao a letter on Wednesday warning of "disaster" for the 2008 Olympic Games if Beijing fails to do more to stop carnage in Chinese ally Sudan's Darfur region.
May 5, 2007Press Item
He's moved into some of the choicest real estate in the U.S. Capitol, all crystal chandeliers and gilt-framed mirrors a stone's throw from the rotunda.
May 10, 2007Press Item
It is clear to all Americans that our nation has significant transportation needs that are driving our ever-expanding appetite for energy, and correspondingly, our over-reliance on petroleum products and foreign sources of oil.
May 17, 2007Press Item
House and Senate reach agreement on FY 2008 budget.
May 1, 2007Press Item
He's 15 minutes late, but it hardly matters. In 15 seconds, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer will have a room full of hard-boiled political reporters giggling like schoolchildren.
May 14, 2007Press Item
Democratic Leadership statements on Bush's Energy Plan.
May 9, 2007Press Item
College affordability is one of the most important issues facing students and American families today, and thus recent revelations about a wide range of inappropriate – and perhaps illegal – conduct within the higher education community and the failure to perform effective oversight of the student loan industry by the Department of Education are extremely disturbing and demand immediate action.
May 9, 2007Press Item
After being in office for just four months, House Democrats have listened to the American people and passed legislation that addresses their priorities to make America safer, grow our economy, care for our children and families, preserve our planet, and restore accountability.