December 1, 2008Press Item
Today, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the U.S. economy has been in a recession since December 2007.
November 27, 2008Press Item
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Mumbai, our friends throughout all of India, and their concerned loved ones in the United States.
November 20, 2008Press Item
Congressional Democrats held a press conference today stating they will hold the auto industry accountable to the American People and demand they provide a plan for viability.
November 20, 2008Press Item
I want to commend Chairman John Dingell for his nearly 53 years of service to his constituents and to our nation, making him the longest serving member of Congress come next February.
November 20, 2008Press Item
I applaud the Senate's passage of House legislation extending unemployment insurance for Americans suffering in this recession.
November 24, 2008Press Item
For months now, the historic scope of our economic crisis has been clear to all Americans. Our financial markets have seen great turmoil, leading millions of Americans to fear for the security of their savings, pensions, and retirements.
November 24, 2008Press Item
Democratic Leaders welcome the President-elect Obama's President-elect Obama’s nominations to his economic team
November 25, 2008Press Item
Today’s economic announcement from President-elect Obama indicated that he is serious about ending the fiscal recklessness that has characterized the Bush Administration.
November 20, 2008Press Item
As we said this afternoon, Democrats fully understand the importance of America’s automotive industry to our entire economy, and to the 3 million workers who depend on it for employment.
November 14, 2008The Weekly Whip
Possible consideration of economic recovery legislation.
November 18, 2008Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) today discussed the ramifications of the historic 2008 election and the agenda for the incoming 111th Congress at the National Press Club.
November 18, 2008The Daily Whip
Members are advised that the House will reassemble at 1:00 p.m., at which time Member-elect Marcia Fudge (OH-11) will be sworn in.
September 26, 2008Press Item
Amid extraordinarily busy legislative maneuverings designed to close the 110th Congress, House Majority Leader Hoyer had a simple and upbeat message this week when he talked politics and his post-election hopes with a half-dozen reporters in his office.
November 13, 2008Press Item
Today’s report from the Labor Department confirms that this recession is threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
November 13, 2008Press Item
The Department of Labor reported that jobless claims increased last week to 516,000, the highest level since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
November 7, 2008Press Item
Leaders respond to the Department of Labor's release of its employment report for October.
November 10, 2008Press Item
Veterans Day is a time to reaffirm our support for every American service member, both the 25 million living veterans and those we have lost, who fought to protect our freedoms.
November 12, 2008Press Item
House Leaders honor nation's veterans on Veterans Day.
November 6, 2008Press Item
I am sorry to learn that Congressman Roy Blunt will not be seeking reelection as House Republican Whip.
November 6, 2008Press Item
President-elect Obama’s selection of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff shows a strong commitment to the mandate for change given by voters on Tuesday.
November 7, 2008Press Item
Today’s job figures show an unexpectedly sharp spike in unemployment: In October, the American economy lost an additional 240,000 jobs. With job losses in nearly every sector of our economy, from blue-collar to white-collar, our unemployment rate has reached 6.5%, a 14-year high. In all, our economy has cut jobs every month of this year, for a total of 1.2 million lost since 2008 began.
October 31, 2008Press Item
We know that the economic crisis has ensnared families, small businesses, and state and local governments. Today we learn that law enforcement is also being hit hard.
October 31, 2008Press Item
In the past few days, it has come to our attention that some financial institutions are misrepresenting the intent of Secretary Paulson’s ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program.’