April 7, 2005Press Item
The Bush administration's ongoing Social Security blitz is unusual in scale in the selling of a domestic policy, mobilizing the president and vice president, four Cabinet secretaries and 17 lesser officials, down to an associate director of strategic planning for the White House budget office.
August 13, 2005Press Item
Social Security Clearinghouse
April 4, 2005Press Item
After spending a second congressional break hearing out constituents, many Republican lawmakers are set to return to Washington more convinced than ever that President Bush's Social Security plan isn't ready for launch.
March 17, 2005Press Item
President Bush's plan to add private stock and bond accounts to Social Security never made much sense to Beverlie Ludy. For that matter, all the talk she was hearing of an "ownership society" smacked of a greedy, "me-first" attitude she didn't like.
March 17, 2005Press Item
Republicans in Congress have a game plan to avoid "March madness" when they go home this weekend to talk to constituents about Social Security during a two-week holiday recess.
March 15, 2005Press Item
Three months after President Bush launched his drive to restructure Social Security by creating private investment accounts, public support for his program remains weak, with only 35 percent of Americans now saying they approve of his handling of the issue, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
April 3, 2005Press Item
Midway through their 60-day coast-to-coast blitz to promote fundamental revisions in Social Security, President Bush and others in his administration have been unable to pry loose any Democratic senators from the solid wall of opposition.
April 3, 2005Press Item
If President Bush's Social Security initiative is going to ring bells anywhere, it ought to be a hit with the Better Investment Group of Waco, which meets once a month at Uncle Dan's Rib House to discuss earnings growth over barbecue and beans.
April 1, 2005Press Item
Halfway through his administration's "60 Stops in 60 Days" national sales pitch for overhauling Social Security, President Bush hasn't sold his plan to create private investment accounts.
March 28, 2005Press Item
President George W. Bush, promoting his plan to set up private Social Security accounts, is betting that stock returns will remain strong even as economic growth slows. Economists and equity strategists aren't so sure.
March 14, 2005Press Item
THIS IS THE STORY of the Dogs that did bark -- a tale that helps explain why President Bush is finding a wall of Democratic opposition to his proposal to let workers carve personal retirement accounts from Social Security. The president regularly says he can't fix Social Security without Democratic support.
March 15, 2005Press Item
I was a staff member for the late Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York and provided him with advice on Social Security reform in 1983. I am tired of seeing his views distorted for political purposes by Republican supporters of individual Social Security accounts.
February 28, 2005Press Item
A number of prominent economists have two problems with Mr. Bush's pitch. First, they say it's too optimistic about the long-term prospects for stocks. Second, it ignores an irrefutable rule of finance: There is no free lunch. Or, put another way, greater returns bear greater risks.
April 11, 2005Press Item
In barnstorming the country over Social Security, administration officials predict that American economic growth will slow to an anemic rate of 1.9 percent as baby boomers reach retirement.
March 22, 2005Press Item
President Bush has been talking about Social Security for weeks, but even some of his supporters have misconceptions and qualms about his plan to overhaul the retirement system.
March 31, 2005Press Item
House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD), a leading Democratic proponent of tax reform and simplification in the House of Representatives, released the following statement today regarding the sixth meeting of the President’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform:
March 16, 2005Press Item
COLLEGE PARK - With President Bush flooding cable TV screens with town meetings around the country peddling his approach to Social Security reform, the Democrats are finally moving to fill the vacuum on their side, in their fashion.
March 16, 2005Press Item
The U.S. House approved $81.4 billion in additional spending in 2005 for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about $500 million less than President George W. Bush had requested.
March 21, 2005Press Item
After Bob Dole lost the White House race to President Bill Clinton in 1996, a group of prominent neoconservatives saw a void in foreign policy and decided to fill it.
March 23, 2005Press Item
House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today regarding the Social Security Trustees’ Report on the program:
February 24, 2005Press Item
As members of Congress wage intellectual and policy battles over the future of Social Security, Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) went to La Plata on Tuesday to make his case against privatizing parts of the program.
February 25, 2005Press Item
Last week's White House fact sheet on Social Security contains anything but the facts. It asserts that by 2027 the government will somehow have to come up with an extra $200 billion a year, and by 2033, more than $300 billion.
February 7, 2005Press Item
President Bush will propose a 3.1 percent pay raise for members of the armed forces and a 2.3 percent increase for civilian federal employees under the fiscal 2006 budget plan the White House will release on Monday.
February 7, 2005Press Item
A top House Democrat Monday called President Bush's $2.75 trillion budget plan "fiscally irresponsible fraud" that will be rejected by members of the president's own party.