September 19, 2007Press Item
Congressional Democrats believe our number one responsibility is to keep the American people safe. To that end, we are working on a new and improved measure to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to give the intelligence community the tools it needs to closely monitor terrorists while protecting the basic rights of U.S. citizens as enshrined in our Constitution.
September 17, 2007Press Item
FHA; Suspensions
September 18, 2007Press Item
I am disappointed, but not discouraged by today’s vote in the Senate.
September 18, 2007The Daily Whip
TRIA and FDA Amendments
September 19, 2007Press Item
This bill makes the largest investment in student aid in 60 years, at no new cost to taxpayers.
September 10, 2007Press Item
the testimony they delivered today did not provide information that persuades me that the apparent decrease in violence, however much it may or may not be, has led to progress on the political front...
September 12, 2007Press Item
Reaction to Petraeus/Crocker testimony on situation in Iraq.
September 14, 2007The Weekly Whip
TRIA, Holt, FAA, and Housing
September 11, 2007Press Item
On Monday, the House passed a resolution commemorating the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
September 7, 2007Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement this morning after the Department of Labor reported that the U.S. economy lost 4,000 jobs in August, and revised downward the previously reported job gains in June and July by 81,000 jobs.
September 9, 2007The Daily Whip
Suspensions; 9/11 Commemoration
September 10, 2007Press Item
Three Iraq reports in recent weeks all conclude that progress is unsatisfactory.
September 6, 2007Press Item
Patent Reform, College Cost Reduction
September 4, 2007The Daily Whip
Suspension Bills
September 5, 2007The Daily Whip
Native-American Housing Assistance