January 8, 2010Press Item
Worried House Democrats held a caucus-wide conference call Thursday to strategize about health-care reform before lawmakers return to Washington next week...
December 24, 2009Press Item
Today, the Senate passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
December 19, 2009Press Item
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer issued the following joint statement today on news that the Senate will move forward with historic health insurance reform legislation:
December 24, 2009Press Item
I commend Majority Leader Reid and all the Senators who worked so hard to ensure approval of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this morning.
December 28, 2009Press Item
Senate Democrats approved landmark legislation just after sunrise Christmas Eve that would transform the nation's health-care system by requiring people without insurance to obtain coverage and protecting those who have it from the most unpopular private insurance practices...
January 4, 2010Press Item
No matter how the conference committee reconciles the House and Senate bills, health-care reform will usher in some sweeping new policies. Plenty of people have tried to tease out what this will mean for the average consumer...
January 5, 2010Press Item
When given a choice between waiting for health reform legislation to pass or researching and seeking health insurance coverage immediately, 24% of adults surveyed would choose to wait before seeking coverage if they lost their coverage today, according to a new poll...
December 18, 2009Press Item
The agreement President Obama announced this evening - including transparency measures, a mitigation target of two degree Celsius and a financing mechanism - is an important step forward that lays a key marker both in the global fight against climate change and in U.S. participation in such efforts.
December 16, 2009Press Item
The House has completed all of its scheduled legislative business for the week, and no more votes are expected in the House this year.
December 16, 2009Press Item
Tonight, the House passed the Jobs for Main Street Act, completing its work for 2009.
December 18, 2009Press Item
The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that the housing market rebounded in November, with new construction increasing across the country.
December 16, 2009Press Item
Today, the House responded to the urgent needs of the millions of Americans who are still out of work this winter.
December 15, 2009The Nightly Whip
Passed: 8 bills passed on Suspension; Postponed: 6 Suspension Votes
December 15, 2009The Daily Whip
H.Res. 973 - Same Day Consideration Rule - Waiving a requirement of clause 6(a) of rule XIII with respect to consideration of certain resolutions reported from the Committee on Rules, Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendment with a House Amendment to H.R. 3326 – Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010, H.J.Res. __ - Making further continuing appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2010, and for other purposes, H.R. __ - To Permit Continued Financing of Government Operations, H.R. __ – Jobs for Main Street Act
December 16, 2009Press Item
Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population -- or almost 60 million people -- went without health insurance at some point since January 2008, according to government estimates released Wednesday...
December 16, 2009Press Item
Today, the House voted for a short-term increase of America’s debt limit—a necessary action that allows our nation to continue paying its bills.
December 15, 2009Press Item
In the first session of the 111th Congress, Democrats worked on issues of importance to Americans, sending major legislation to the President’s desk and passing numerous others through the House.
December 15, 2009Press Item
Senate Democratic leaders appeared poised Monday night to abandon efforts to create a government-run insurance safety net in their push for health-care reform, as they attempted to close ranks around a bill they hoped would win the backing of all 60 members of their caucus...
December 15, 2009Press Item
Every Member in this chamber understands the deep danger inherent in a nuclear Iran.
December 14, 2009Press Item
The next 48 hours will be critical to the fate of health-care reform in the Senate, as Democratic leaders struggle to settle disputes that stand in the way of holding a final vote this year on the massive package...
December 14, 2009The Nightly Whip
4 Bills Adopted Under Suspension of the Rules, 1 Postponed Suspension Vote