December 28, 2016Press Item
I was reassured to hear that Secretary Kerry today did not call for further action by the Security Council. 
December 27, 2016Press Item
I urged the Administration to veto the recently passed U.N. Security Council resolution regarding Israel and settlements. 
December 23, 2016Press Item
As a proud leader of the bipartisan coalition in Congress in support of our ally Israel, I am extremely disappointed by this action and today's vote. 
December 22, 2016Press Item
This morning, I reached out to the President and urged him to veto the resolution that was expected to receive a vote today in the U.N. Security Council. 
December 21, 2016Press Item
The legislation introduced yesterday by House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Engel and Representative Connolly reflects a deep concern in Congress and among the American people that a foreign power acted to undermine our election and influence it in favor of a particular candidate.  
December 19, 2016Press Item
The people of Berlin and all of Germany are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. 
December 19, 2016Press Item
As you know, we treat House Delegates and the Resident Commissioner for almost all purposes the same as we treat all other Members.
December 18, 2016Press Item
If President-Elect Trump wishes to implement his economic agenda, which nonpartisan budget experts have said would create unprecedented deficits, it is surprising that he would choose someone like Rep. Mick Mulvaney to serve as his budget director. 
December 16, 2016Press Item
Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) yesterday joined a bipartisan letter to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power along with nineteen other Members of Congress urging the imposition of an arms embargo against South Sudan.  
December 14, 2016Press Item
The President-Elect continues to appoint individuals who are either unqualified or who have denigrated the Department they were nominated to lead.  
December 14, 2016Press Item
Earlier this year, a candidate for President of the United States asked ‘What is Aleppo?’  The answer is: a tragedy.  
December 13, 2016Press Item
I am very disappointed at the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State. 
December 12, 2016Press Item
Reports of a CIA assessment that Russia tried to sway our election through hacks and then selectively releasing information are extremely alarming. 
December 9, 2016Press Item
Working Americans should be disappointed by President-Elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Labor.  
December 9, 2016Press Item
I am glad that President Obama is ordering a full review of Russian hacking and interference in our election, following the letter that I and other senior House Democrats sent earlier this week. 
December 9, 2016Press Item
This week, the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution that funds the government through April 28. 
December 9, 2016Press Item
I’m glad that President Obama has responded to the letter that I and other Democratic Members sent this week asking for civilian-military pay parity by announcing that all federal employees will be receiving a 2.1% pay increase next year. 
December 8, 2016Press Item
Today, we lost a great American with the passing of former Sen. John Glenn.  
December 8, 2016Press Item
While I believe the House took the appropriate action today to prevent another unnecessary government shutdown, I believe that passing yet another continuing resolution is not the right approach to funding our government.  
December 8, 2016Press Item
Finally, after weeks of negotiation, House Republicans brought a water resources bill to the Floor.