September 4, 2014Press Item
The Export-Import Bank is one of the most important tools we have for helping American small businesses access foreign markets, and Congress must not allow its authorization to expire on September 30 and place over 200,000 export-dependent jobs in danger. 
September 1, 2014Press Item
On this Labor Day, I join in celebrating the workers of our nation, who are not only the most productive in the world but who have fought hard and won important rights in the workplace that make our economy stronger for all. 
August 26, 2014Press Item
Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which took place ninety-four years ago today and recognized women’s right to vote, represented the culmination of a decades-long struggle for equal suffrage.
August 22, 2014Press Item
Today’s incursion by Russian military vehicles into the territory of Ukraine represents a gross violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and a dangerous escalation by Russia of the tense situation along the border.
August 14, 2014Press Item
The death of Michael Brown is a terrible tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and his community.
August 12, 2014Press Item
Today’s announcement of $180 million in food aid to alleviate the threat of famine in South Sudan reflects America’s continued determination to help the people of the world’s newest sovereign state pursue a future of opportunity and peace. 
August 7, 2014Press Item
Tonight, President Obama authorized necessary action to protect American personnel and assist Iraqi civilians fleeing the brutal forces of the ISIL terror group...
August 7, 2014Press Item
Today’s decision by the World Trade Organization, which reaffirms the ruling in March that China has been pursuing illegal measures to disrupt the global trade in rare earth minerals, is a major victory for American workers and advanced manufacturing businesses.  
August 7, 2014Press Item
I was pleased to be on hand today as the President signed a bipartisan bill to ensure that our veterans receive the timely, quality health care they have earned through their service.
August 6, 2014Press Item
Thank you, Carl – not only for that warm introduction but for three decades of work to advance the cause of freedom around the world. 
August 6, 2014Press Item
Thank you, Rep. [Gregory] Meeks, not only for your introduction but for your leadership on the issue of drawing the United States and Africa closer.   One message from this extraordinary gathering of the last few days is that, although Africa faces many challenges, it is a continent of opportunity.
August 6, 2014Press Item
Today we mark the forty-ninth anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, which will forever rank as one of the most successful pieces of Civil Rights legislation enacted for creating a process to combat racial discrimination in voting.
August 5, 2014Press Item
I was very saddened to learn of the passing of former White House Press Secretary James Brady yesterday. 
August 1, 2014Press Item
Once again Israel accepted a ceasefire even while its citizens were under threat from Hamas rockets and tunnels of terror, but Hamas chose to violate it within hours by launching an attack and kidnapping an Israeli soldier. 
August 1, 2014Press Item
Mr. Speaker, House Republicans have taken two bad bills – that fail to meet the challenge of the humanitarian crisis on the border – and made them worse.
August 1, 2014Press Item
I am honored to stand here with Mr. Hinojosa and the Hispanic Caucus. But let me make it very clear: the Hispanic Caucus speaks for all of us, not just for their Caucus Members but for the Democratic Caucus and for millions and millions and millions of Americans who see America as a welcoming, compassionate, humanitarian, fair country.
August 1, 2014Press Item
Our economy continues to show its resilience, even in the face of the uncertainty exacerbated by gridlock in the Republican-led Congress. 
August 1, 2014Press Item
In today's paper there’s an op-ed , it's written by Mr. McCarthy, the new Majority Leader. In that op-ed he said, quote: ‘I have always believed that you must win the argument before you can win the vote. In Congress, committees act as idea factories for policies from both sides, and as Majority Leader I will commit to the committee process and regular order.’ Apparently he didn't start yesterday doing that, and we don't start today doing that.
July 31, 2014Press Item
I thank the Gentlelady for yielding. I was going to ask my friend from Pennsylvania [Rep. Dent] whether he had talked to the Senate and thinks this has any chance of moving this week, and the answer I think I would give is no, it does not.