December 10, 2013Press Item
But the fact of the matter is, Chris Van Hollen is Ranking Member of the Budget Committee on our side - he has not been in any of these negotiations, nor have any of the other [members of the budget conference]. 
December 6, 2013Press Item
For the forty-fifth consecutive month, our economy has added private sector jobs, continuing our recovery and helping to put more Americans back to work.  While I am encouraged that our unemployment rate has dropped to 7.0% and that 203,000 jobs – including 196,000 private sector jobs – were added in November, we are not adding jobs at a pace fast enough to provide economic security to every family.
December 5, 2013Press Item
"Throughout his life, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela met the purveyors of injustice, intolerance, and racism with an unyielding determination to forge a better and fairer future for his beloved nation.  
December 5, 2013Press Item
“First of all, let me say, we don't know what the budget parameters and any agreement are going to be. We have heard rumors. You have written about them. We don't know their substance. 
December 5, 2013Press Item
“I want to thank Rep. John Conyers, Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Mel Watt, Ranking Member of the Intellectual Property Subcommittee, for offering their substitute amendment to the Innovation Act today.
December 5, 2013Press Item
"Thank you for being here. We talk in Washington about big numbers - billions, millions - of people. Too infrequently we talk about individuals, the Stans, the Veras, the Lisas of America that our actions affect immediately and directly on a daily basis.
December 5, 2013Press Item
“I stand in solidarity with AFGE and NTEU today - and with all those who serve in our nation’s federal workforce.
December 4, 2013Press Item
“In his remarks today, President Obama highlighted the challenge of growing income inequality, which poses a danger not only to our long-term economic competitiveness and prosperity but to the very nature of our country as a beacon of equal opportunity for all.  
December 3, 2013Press Item
A look at the first session of the 113th Congress shows that the Republican-led House of Representatives has not made progress on issues important to the American people. With 8 legislative days remaining in this year, the Republican leadership is poised to leave a long to-do list of critical legislation unfinished. 
December 2, 2013Press Item
"I join in congratulating Ed Cassidy on his appointment as the House's new Chief Administrative Officer.