October 9, 2015Press Item
I join my friend, Mr. Forbes, in opposition to this amendment, Mr. Speaker. This amendment would harm America’s national security.
October 8, 2015Press Item
Leader McCarthy’s announcement is yet another reflection of Republicans’ deep divisions and dysfunction. 
October 7, 2015Press Item
I am very disappointed that the Republican House Majority is wasting time and taxpayer dollars by creating a select panel to attack women’s health. 
October 7, 2015Press Item
We’re here to send a strong message by Democrats in the House and Senate and by Americans across the country that sequester – that’s a complicated word that I tell people starts with ‘S,’ which stands for stupid – must be replaced. The sequester harms our economy and our national security.
October 6, 2015Press Item
Last week, the Treasury Department notified Congress that extraordinary measures to prevent a default will be exhausted on November 5. 
October 5, 2015Press Item
I find Alabama’s decision to close thirty-one satellite offices where residents can obtain a driver’s license deeply disturbing in light of that state’s 2011 law requiring every voter to present a state-issued photo identification to prove eligibility to cast a ballot.  
October 5, 2015Press Item
Today’s announcement of a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement marks the start of a domestic review process.
October 2, 2015Press Item
I join in thanking Secretary Duncan for his service to our country. Under his leadership, the Department of Education has undertaken an ambitious effort to raise standards, promote innovation, and bring hands-on STEM learning into the classroom.  
October 2, 2015Press Item
“According to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics report released today, our economy gained 118,000 private sector jobs in September, making it the sixty-seventh straight month of private sector job growth. 
October 1, 2015Press Item
This afternoon, the House and Senate received a letter from the Treasury Department providing notice that the extraordinary measures employed to avoid a default on or debt will be exhausted on November 5.