July 16, 2015Press Item
I’m proud to join my colleagues today in introducing the Equal Dignity for Married Taxpayers Act.
July 15, 2015Press Item
While the House took action to prevent the Highway Trust Fund from expiring at the end of this month, which would have put thousands of construction jobs in jeopardy and undermined key investments to maintain our nation’s highway and transit network infrastructure, we cannot continue to go from short-term fix to short-term fix. 
July 14, 2015Press Item
I was pleased to see that today’s Mid-Session Review by the Office of Management and Budget predicts a deficit for 2015 $128 billion lower than anticipated by the President’s budget.  
July 14, 2015Press Item
Five years ago, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and House Democrats created the Make It In America plan to encourage private sector job creation here in the US. 
July 14, 2015Press Item
With the announcement tonight of an agreement with Iran, it is now up to Members of Congress to work carefully through every detail, particularly given Iran’s likelihood to exploit any ambiguity or loophole to its benefit and to the detriment of the security of America, Israel, and our allies in Europe and the Gulf.
July 13, 2015Press Item
The Secretary of Defense's announcement that a working group will be established to study the implications of permitting transgender Americans to serve openly in our military is welcome news.  
July 10, 2015Press Item
This week we mark the twentieth anniversary of the genocidal murder of more than 8,000 innocent Bosnian Muslims – including children – by Bosnian Serb military and paramilitary forces in Srebrenica, a heinous act that shocked the conscience of the world.
July 10, 2015Press Item
This week, as South Sudanese celebrate the fourth anniversary of their independence, I join in calling on President Kiir and former Vice President Machar to stop the violence and work together to bring their nation the peace, stability, and leadership it deserves. 
July 10, 2015Press Item
Our Task Force was honored to have Mr. King join us today to speak about his father’s legacy and his own work to carry that legacy forward.
July 9, 2015Press Item
Today, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) held the first hearing in a series of hearings called “Make It In America: What’s Next?”