June 24, 2014Press Item
I was proud to stand with other Congressional leaders today as the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King were posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civilian honor.
June 23, 2014Press Item
On Friday, June 27, it will be exactly one year since the Senate passed their comprehensive immigration reform bill with strong bipartisan support.
June 20, 2014Press Item
Today’s report by the Justice Department further demonstrates the Obama Administration’s commitment to advancing equality for same-sex spouses and their families.
June 22, 2014Press Item
I join in marking the seventieth anniversary of the enactment of the G.I. Bill, which helped millions of veterans of the Second World War afford higher education, attain homeownership, and train for civilian jobs in the post-war economy. 
June 20, 2014Press Item
Fifty years ago, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner were brutally murdered while trying to register African Americans to vote in Mississippi.
June 20, 2014Press Item
This week, President Obama announced several new actions that his administration is taking to encourage businesses to bring jobs and innovation back to the United States by helping innovators access federal research and development facilities, and encouraging local communities to support manufacturing entrepreneurship. 
June 20, 2014Press Item
I thank the Gentleman for yielding. I rise for two reasons. First of all to express my agreement with Mr. [Jim] Moran and with members of the Committee, perhaps on both sides of the aisle, with respect to our continuing Guantanamo policy.
June 19, 2014Press Item
I join in congratulating Rep. Kevin McCarthy on his election as Majority Leader.
June 19, 2014Press Item
I join in marking the 149th Juneteenth and in celebrating the joyous news of emancipation received by those who had been held brutally and unjustly in bondage as a result of slavery in America.
June 18, 2014Press Item
Today’s first-ever White House Maker Faire and the announcement that federal agencies will be partnering with private companies to support innovators and entrepreneurs is a further demonstration of this Administration’s serious commitment to helping more businesses and workers Make It In America. 
June 17, 2014Press Item
When American businesses and entrepreneurs innovate and make products here, the products that emerge change the world.