January 20, 2015Press Item
This evening, President Obama laid out a vision of an America that prioritizes a strong and growing middle class. 
January 16, 2015Press Item
Just two years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in U.S. v. Windsor that the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution requires the Federal government to recognize all lawfully married couples.  Today’s announcement by the Supreme Court means that the nation’s highest court will now rule on one of the most critical civil rights issues of the 21st century: Whether all loving and committed couples will have the same opportunity to marry under state law. 
January 16, 2015Press Item
On Monday, we will honor the life and leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who inspired his fellow Americans with an impassioned call for justice and equality. 
January 14, 2015Press Item
I was deeply disappointed that the House passed an appropriation bill for the Department of Homeland Security that included partisan, poison-pill amendments to deport DREAMers and tear immigrant families apart. 
January 14, 2015Press Item
I am deeply concerned and disappointed by comments from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte that Congress does not need to take corrective action to address the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in Shelby v Holder, which guts one of the most important and effective provisions ever enacted to combat voter discrimination. 
January 14, 2015Press Item
We are now considering a bill which is central to the protection of Americans and America from those who would, through terrorist activities, put our people at risk. 
January 13, 2015Press Item
Well, very frankly, we have on the Floor this week, as you know, the funding of the Department of Homeland Security, which is designed to keep our country and our people safe.
January 12, 2015Press Item
Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson laid out his vision of robust federal investment in public education as a central component of the War on Poverty, marking the beginning of the successful effort to pass the bipartisan Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. 
January 9, 2015Press Item
I commend the President for appointing David Cohen as the next Deputy Director of the CIA.