Press Releases

June 23, 2015
One of the things we see here is a stark example of why comprehensive immigration reform is absolutely essential.
June 19, 2015
Today’s CBO report makes clear that repealing the Affordable Care Act, as Republicans have consistently voted to do, would explode the deficit, cause millions to lose their insurance coverage, and raise costs for seniors on Medicare.
June 19, 2015
On this day, 150 years ago, former slaves in Texas rejoiced at their freedom, the last in America to hear the news, and ever since that day Juneteenth has marked the anniversary of emancipation for the millions whose ancestors suffered the unthinkable horrors of slavery.  I join in celebrating this day, which serves as a reminder to all of us of our shared responsibility to recognize and protect the equal rights and equal dignity of every person. 
June 18, 2015
The encyclical released by Pope Francis today on the environment is a powerful call to planetary stewardship and a reminder of human consequences of pollution, climate change, and degradation of our natural resources. 
June 18, 2015
I want to thank [Rep.] Gutiérrez and those with whom I’m standing here, all of whom have worked very, very hard to ensure that America has a rational and comprehensive immigration policy.
June 17, 2015
Today's action in the Appropriations Committee shows, once again, how 'unrealistic and ill-conceived,' as Chairman Hal Rogers put it, the Republican sequester strategy truly is. 
June 17, 2015
I want to thank Rep. Jim McGovern for his work to ensure that Congress plays a role in shaping the scope of our military engagement overseas. 
June 16, 2015
The Long-Term Budget Outlook released today by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is a chilling and powerful reminder of the consequences of continued partisanship.  
June 15, 2015
Three years ago, President Obama took a bold and decisive step in the face of inaction by the Republican-led House on immigration to create the DACA program that has helped nearly 700,000 DREAMers remain in this country.
June 12, 2015
I have long supported lowering trade barriers, which helps American businesses and workers compete on a level playing field in overseas markets. 
June 11, 2015
Today, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released a video unveiling a new, free app to provide Members of Congress, staff, the press, and the public with live updates and news on what’s happening on the Floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. 
June 10, 2015
Under the leadership and vision of Dr. James Billington, the Library of Congress has made extraordinary and enduring contributions to education, culture, and the arts in our country.
June 10, 2015
My father immigrated to this country in the 1930’s as a young man. He came here for the same reasons so many others did – and still do – to seek a better life in a land of opportunity and freedom.
June 9, 2015
Throughout the month of June, I join in celebrating LGBT Pride Month, an opportunity to honor the contributions gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans have made to our communities, our country, and our world.
June 5, 2015
This morning’s jobs report tells the story of an economic recovery that continues to advance, with 262,000 private sector jobs created in May.
June 4, 2015
As you’ve heard, we have just three weeks or twelve legislative days until the Export-Import Bank shuts down – not entirely, as Congressman [Heck] indicated, but for all intents and purposes of new loans. We must not let that happen.
June 2, 2015
When Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act twenty-five years ago, it represented a seminal moment in the history of civil rights in our country.
June 1, 2015
It is a time not only for LGBT Americans to celebrate how much has been achieved toward equality but also for the parents, children, siblings, friends, and extended families of LGBT individuals to express pride in their loved ones’ courage and determination to live their lives openly.
June 1, 2015
"I am deeply disappointed that the new Senate Republican Majority has taken the irresponsible route of allowing key national security protections to expire.
May 27, 2015
I am extremely concerned by reports of unacceptable conditions for families in detention centers.