Press Releases

April 8, 2015
I have been privileged to serve alongside Lois Capps for seventeen years.
April 6, 2015
“I am proud to stand with the President and with immigrant families by joining this amicus brief,” Whip Hoyer said.  
April 2, 2015
I will be looking very closely at the details of the framework reached today with Iran. 
March 31, 2015
As we mark the 88th birthday of the late César Chávez, I join in celebrating his achievements and his extraordinary life.
March 30, 2015
I am deeply disturbed by the enactment of a law in Indiana that, when it goes into effect, will almost certainly permit businesses in that state to discriminate against and deny service to LGBT Americans.
March 27, 2015
For nearly three decades, Harry Reid has brought to the United States Senate his intellect, his principled leadership, and his indefatigable approach to public service.
March 26, 2015
Mr. Speaker, we just passed a bipartisan bill that addressed an issue, as the previous speaker said, that needed to be addressed. 
March 26, 2015
I think all of my colleagues here are extraordinarily proud to be standing here with [Rep.] Luis Gutiérrez, who has done such an extraordinary job of not only pressing for comprehensive immigration reform but pressing for this country to treat its people fairly, smartly and, as he says, not excuse wrong doing but to welcome and to ensure that those who are here making a difference for America are treated consistent with the President’s policy. 
March 25, 2015
I’m pleased to join with Rep. Rosa DeLauro and other House Democrats to reintroduce the Paycheck Fairness Act today in the 114th Congress, and I thank Senator Barbara Mikulski for reintroducing it in the Senate. 
March 24, 2015
The Affordable Care Act adopted five years ago yesterday is good for people, but it’s also good for the economy, and it’s been good for our budget. 
March 23, 2015
The House Democratic budget proposal unveiled today by Ranking Member Van Hollen is a responsible alternative to Republicans’ short-sighted proposal to disinvest in America’s future while pursuing a strategy of selective sequestration. 
March 23, 2015
Five years ago today, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, opening the door to quality, affordable healthcare for millions of Americans. 
March 20, 2015
There is no reason why the Senate cannot vote immediately on the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be our nation's next Attorney General.
March 19, 2015
I’m pleased to be joining Civil Rights Movement hero Rep. John Lewis, Assistant Leader Clyburn, Ranking Member Conyers, and Ranking Member Brady today to reintroduce the Voter Empowerment Act.
March 19, 2015
Thank you very much, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. We appreciate your leadership on this, and Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers and former Ways and Means Ranking Member Charlie Rangel, two of the senior Members of the Congress of the United States who have been here a long time.
March 19, 2015
I am pleased to announce that Rep. Joaquin Castro will be joining the Democratic Whip team for the 114th Congress as a Chief Deputy Whip.
March 17, 2015
The budget resolution released today by Chairman Tom Price and House Republicans is long on rhetoric but short on solutions to pressing economic and fiscal problems. 
March 16, 2015
In the report, CBO analyzed three different proposals to reduce aggregate SNAP spending by 15%. 
March 11, 2015
The action taken by forty-seven Republican Senators in sending a letter to the leaders of Iran was ill-advised, inappropriate, and partisan, and it weakens America's position in the world while undermining critical negotiations.
March 11, 2015
I think [Senate Republicans’ letter to Iran] was ill-advised. It was sophomoric in many ways, and I that think it gave comfort to our enemies and pause to our allies.
March 7, 2015
Thank you Saint John. What a wonderful experience this is for all of us. We owe [Representative] John [Lewis] and Doug [Tanner, Founder of the Faith & Politics Institute] for what they achieved in the past and for all that they continue to do today through the Faith & Politics Institute. 
March 6, 2015
I am proud to join an amicus brief in the marriage equality cases soon to be argued before the Supreme Court.
March 6, 2015
This weekend we mark the 50th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday,’ when on March 7, 1965, a determined group of Civil Rights activists set out from Selma on a march to the State Capitol in Montgomery to demand the right to register and to vote.