Press Releases

August 14, 2009
More than $20 billion has been made available to fund over 6,000 shovel-ready transportation construction projects – over 3,000 of which are already underway.
August 13, 2009
Of the $499 billion in Recovery Act spending, over $197 billion has already been committed to programs and projects to get Americans back to work and strengthen our economy. Of the $288 billion in Recovery Act tax relief, over $53 billion has already been applied.
August 12, 2009
So far, nearly 32 percent of the funds have been put to work in about 26 percent of the days of the Recovery Act.
August 11, 2009
The world mourns a great loss today with the passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
August 7, 2009
Today’s numbers are a sign that the Recovery Act is beginning to take hold and have a real effect across the nation.
August 6, 2009
I want to offer my congratulations to Judge Sonia Sotomayor on her confirmation.
August 3, 2009
Today marks the beginning of a new, richly-deserved opportunity for our service members and veterans.
July 31, 2009
The action by the Energy and Commerce Committee to approve legislation that gives Americans the peace of mind of affordable quality health care they can count on is truly historic.
July 31, 2009
History shows that the chance to reform the American health care system is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. So reform is absolutely worth the time it takes to get it right.
July 31, 2009
Today’s news on America’s gross domestic product includes some promising signs for our economic recovery.
July 30, 2009
On July 30, 1965, President Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law, providing a lifeline to millions of elderly Americans and low-income families who would otherwise not have been able to afford health care
July 30, 2009
This bill gives the Food and Drug Administration the authority and resources it needs to ensure that all Americans can be confident that the food they are putting on their family tables is free of contamination.
July 29, 2009
Congress is closer than ever before in history to passing comprehensive health insurance reform.
July 28, 2009
The rising cost of health care is one of the biggest drags on our economy, and small businesses and middle-class families are struggling to keep their heads above water.
July 23, 2009
For far too many decades, we have labored under a health care system that is unworthy of our great country.
July 23, 2009
Tomorrow’s increase in the minimum wage comes as much-needed relief for families and our economy.
July 22, 2009
Tonight, President Obama demonstrated that health care reform is urgent on multiple fronts.
July 22, 2009
Republicans Say They Want Fiscal Discipline. Will They Vote For PAYGO?
July 21, 2009
Republican strategy on health care is clear.
July 21, 2009
This week, the House will consider legislation reestablishing statutory “pay-as-you-go” (PAYGO).
July 20, 2009
Forty years ago today, American astronauts walked on the surface of the moon.
July 20, 2009
On June 14, President Obama transmitted legislation to Congress establishing a statutory “pay-as-you-go” (PAYGO) requirement, and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer introduced the legislation as H.R. 2920.