August 28, 2015Press Item
Ten years ago, the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast endured one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes in our history, taking more than 1,800 lives and destroying entire neighborhoods. 
August 26, 2015Press Item
Ninety-five years ago, a milestone victory was achieved for democracy in America and for the courageous women from across the nation who stood up, spoke out, marched, protested, and endured unjust imprisonment while demanding the equal right to vote.  
August 21, 2015Press Item
As House Republicans attempt to explain to their constituents why they decided to shut down the Export-Import Bank and harm our economic competitiveness, take a look at a roundup of recent articles on how Republicans’ politically motivated shutdown is negatively affecting businesses across the country.
August 19, 2015Press Item
After over a year and a half of civil conflict in South Sudan, the signing of a peace agreement by the opposition and other stakeholders earlier this week is welcome news. 
August 19, 2015Press Item
I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of former Congressman Louis B. Stokes. An inspiration to many, Rep. Stokes was a true public servant. He broke barriers throughout his career, including becoming the first African American to represent Ohio and the first African American to serve on the House Appropriations Committee, where I was proud to serve alongside him as he used his position to fight for the most vulnerable Americans.
August 14, 2015Press Item
Eight decades ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security into law, providing peace of mind to seniors that they would not spend their final years in poverty.
August 14, 2015Press Item
Tomorrow, we mark seventy years since the end of the Second World War, a conflict that saw the forces of freedom and democracy overcome those of fascism and totalitarianism. 
August 12, 2015Press Item
Earlier this week, a bipartisan group of our colleagues toured an Iron Dome battery, a key pillar of Israel’s military defenses.
August 7, 2015Press Item
Today’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics marks the sixty-fifth consecutive month of private sector job growth.
August 3, 2015Press Item
Today’s announcement of the President’s Clean Power Plan represents an important step toward a cleaner and more sustainable future for America and the world. 
August 3, 2015Press Item
I look forward to again traveling to Israel to reaffirm the United States’ unbreakable bond with our ally Israel and to continue learning more about the challenges in the region.
July 31, 2015Press Item
Today, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined 177 House Democrats in sending a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calling on the Department to end its controversial Family Detention Program. 
July 30, 2015Press Item
Fifty years ago today, President Johnson signed into law legislation creating Medicare and Medicaid. 
July 30, 2015Press Item
Five years ago, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and House Democrats created the Make It In America plan to encourage private sector job creation here in the U.S.
July 30, 2015Press Item
When the Voting Rights Act was passed, [Senator] Patrick Leahy and I were in law school just a few blocks from here at Georgetown Law School.
July 29, 2015Press Item
As a lead sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act, I am proud to sponsor this resolution recognizing the 25th anniversary of this landmark law.