May 7, 2007Press Item
This May, we recognize the second annual Jewish American Heritage Month, an opportunity to celebrate the long, rich history of Jewish Americans and their vital contributions to our nation's culture, economy, and society.
May 2, 2007Press Item
Statements from Democratic leaders following President Bush's veto of the Iraq Accountability Act.
May 1, 2007Press Item
Four years ago today, President Bush stood in front of a banner that proclaimed Mission Accomplished.
May 1, 2007Press Item
On the 4th anniversary of President Bush's speech in front of a banner proclaiming "mission accomplished," Democrats will send him a bill that changes course in Iraq.
April 27, 2007Press Item
Congress listened to the will of the American people this week and passed a supplemental spending bill that creates a new direction in Iraq.
April 26, 2007Press Item
House passes Iraq supplemental spending bill, 218-208.
April 20, 2007Press Item
Weekly summary.
April 24, 2007Press Item
This week, Congressional Democrats are beginning to implement our Innovation Agenda with three bills that will work to encourage innovation, discovery, and economic growth.
April 24, 2007Press Item
Today, on Yom Ha'atzmaut, I want to congratulate both Israeli citizens and the Jewish community on the 59th anniversary of Israel's independence.
April 24, 2007Press Item
Mr. Speaker, it is with profound sadness that I rise this morning to note the passing of our colleague and friend, Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald - a dedicated public servant who worked tirelessly on behalf of her constituents in California's 37th Congressional District, and a devoted representative who cared deeply for those she served.
April 23, 2007Press Item
In recognition of the Global Days for Darfur campaign, the Office of the Majority Leader is launching a page on its website focusing on Sudan.
April 19, 2007Press Item
The House today passed legislation to give the District a full seat in Congress, marking the biggest victory in nearly three decades in the city's quest for voting rights.