March 18, 2008Press Item
As the war in Iraq enters its sixth year on Wednesday, two things are abundantly clear.
March 25, 2008Press Item
Today’s report is yet another reminder that these two critical programs – Social Security and Medicare – face real long-term challenges that must be addressed in a bipartisan way.
March 21, 2008Press Item
The House leadership note the beginning of the sixth year of the war in Iraq.
March 13, 2008Press Item
I did not hear any new information tonight that dissuades me from my very strong belief that the FISA bill House Democrats have produced – and which the House will vote on tomorrow – is a reasonable, thoughtful, appropriate piece of legislation.
March 14, 2008Press Item
Mr. Speaker, let me first say that every single Member of this body wants to enable our intelligence community to detect, disrupt and eliminate terrorists who have no compunction about planning and participating in the mass killings of innocent men, women and children.
March 13, 2008Press Item
Mr. Speaker, let me first thank the Chairman of the Budget Committee, John Spratt of South Carolina, for all of his hard work, patience and intelligence in producing this Democratic Budget Resolution – which is nothing less than a blueprint of our values and priorities.
March 11, 2008The Daily Whip
Concurrent Resolution on the Budget, Suspensions
March 12, 2008Press Item
The Democratic budget invest in the priorities of Americans in a fiscally responsible manner.
March 11, 2008Press Item
. Speaker, I strongly support H. Res. 895, which embodies the thoughtful and hard work of the Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement, chaired by Rep. Capuano.
March 11, 2008Press Item
Locked in a standoff with the White House, House Democrats on Tuesday maintained their refusal to shield from civil lawsuits telecommunications companies that helped the government eavesdrop on their customers without a secret court's permission.
March 7, 2008Press Item
Budget, Ethics, Intelligence and Suspensions.
March 8, 2008Press Item
The President's veto of this critical legislation is a deeply misguided and harmful mistake that threatens to further undermine our credibility in the international community and to expose our military and intelligence personnel to the very same tactics and treatment.
March 10, 2008Press Item
Ethics, Intelligence, Suspensions.
March 6, 2008Press Item
The budget passed by the House Budget Committee today is a blueprint for strengthening our economy and making America safer, and it reflects the priorities of the American people.
March 6, 2008Press Item
On Wednesday, the House passed an historic bill providing mental health parity.