June 20, 2008Press Item
CONGRESSIONAL leaders of both parties should be commended for drafting legislation that brings the country's surveillance laws into the 21st century while protecting civil liberties and preserving important national security prerogatives. The bill is scheduled to be voted on today in the House, and it deserves to pass.
June 16, 2008Press Item
As the price of gas sets a new record seemingly every week, I wish the president had something else to offer Americans, people like the truckers being driven out of business by the cost of diesel or the dozens of high school students forced to bike 10 miles to school and back in Eclectic, Ala.
June 23, 2008Press Item
Each week when Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) deliver a colloquy on the House floor, both seem to relish the gentlemanly discussion of the schedule for upcoming legislative business.
July 8, 2008The Daily Whip
Suspensions, Electronic Message Preservation Act
July 6, 2008Press Item
THE AMERICANS With Disabilities Act (ADA), passed in 1990, was supposed to level the playing field for the disabled. It ended up helping some more than others.
July 1, 2008Press Item
With today’s weakening economy putting pressure on the budgets of American families and tuition prices continuing to soar, the high cost of college remains a top concern for many Americans.
July 2, 2008Press Item
Forty-four years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law, a milestone in the constant struggle for equality for all.
July 3, 2008The Weekly Whip
Electronic Message Preservation Act, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail Designation Act and Suspensions
June 25, 2008Press Item
The House passed the ADA Amendments Act, which reiterates the intent of the original Americans with Disabilities Act to allow disabled Americans to pursue active, productive lives.
June 25, 2008Press Item
Every House Member agrees that we must prevent the alternative minimum tax (the AMT) from hitting millions of hard-working American families this year.
June 25, 2008Press Item
Eighteen years ago next month, the first President Bush signed into law one of the most consequential pieces of civil rights legislation in recent memory.
June 25, 2008Press Item
Seventy years ago today, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the Fair Labor Standards Act—a landmark piece of legislation that extended protections to millions of American workers and set the precedent for decades of Democratic efforts to uphold fairness in the workplace.
June 25, 2008The Daily Whip
Suspensions, Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act
June 26, 2008Press Item
Earlier this week, the House passed the Medicare Improvements bill with overwhelming bipartisan support to ensure that seniors continue to have access to the care they need.
June 26, 2008Press Item
Mr. Speaker, I first want to thank Chairman Oberstar for his hard work and leadership in bringing this important legislation to the Floor.
June 24, 2008The Daily Whip
suspensions, H.R. 6275 - The Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008,H.R. 3195 - ADA Amendments Act, H.R. 2176 - To provide for and approve the settlement of certain land claims of the Bay Mills Indian Community
June 23, 2008The Daily Whip
Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens and Suspensions.
June 24, 2008Press Item
Again today, the House has taken decisive action on a critical issue facing the American people by passing this important legislation to stave off the 10.6 percent payment reduction for thousands of physicians in Medicare.
June 19, 2008The Daily Whip
Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2008 and The FISA Amendments Act of 2008