October 11, 2013Press Item
“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Many of my colleagues on either side of the aisle have stated their preference for, as the Gentlelady from North Carolina said, opening the government. They want to open the government as soon as possible and would vote for a clean bill.
October 11, 2013Press Item
“I think the votes are there to open up government and I think the votes are there to make sure the nation pays its debts. … In this case, however, both sides say they want government open. Both sides say they don't want the government to default. So it seems that we're in agreement. We ought to have a bill on the Floor to do both of those and pass it today. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet, but it can happen today and I hope it does.”
October 10, 2013Press Item
“Every one of you here, everyone of you here represents 100,000 who are not here.
October 9, 2013Press Item
I want to say that the President emphasized over and over again what we also share, and that is he is willing to talk about all of the issues that our Republican colleagues want to talk about and try to come to agreement. 
October 9, 2013Press Item
“I am pleased that President Obama has nominated Janet Yellen to serve as the next Chair of the Federal Reserve.  She will bring stability to the markets and certainty to our monetary policy.  As one of our nation’s most experienced economists, Janet has played an important role in setting monetary policy for over three decades.  Her nomination shatters yet another glass ceiling, as the first woman nominated to serve as Chair of the Federal Reserve.
October 9, 2013Press Item
“The previous speaker said that the shutdown should be unacceptable. I agree with that. And we could all, within the next half an hour, vote to make the unacceptable not the policy that we are pursuing.
October 8, 2013Press Item
“Now I rise in opposition to this bill that’s been put on the Floor, which is another way to distract from the business at hand: opening up our government. And eight days from now, our government will be in a position for the first time in history where we won’t be able to pay our bills.
October 7, 2013Press Item
"[Republicans] are playing chicken with the credit and reputation of the United States of America."