January 2, 2014Press Item
“Our manufacturing sector continues to grow in spite of a lack of serious action by Congress to provide certainty and invest in competitiveness, and today’s report by the Institute for Supply Management ought to be taken as a call to action. 
January 1, 2014Press Item
“Today, millions of Americans are beginning the new year with the security that comes from having access to quality, affordable health care.
December 26, 2013Press Item
I thank the Speaker. Arguably, Mr. Speaker, this Congress is the least productive one in which I have served over the last 33 years, both from a humanitarian standpoint and an economic one. This Congress has earned the disdain of the American people, irrespective of their party affiliation.
December 24, 2013Press Item
"I am deeply concerned by the recent violence in South Sudan.
December 23, 2013Press Item
This is a modest but important step by the President that recognizes that our civilian and uniformed personnel who serve the American people deserve a cost-of-living adjustment.
December 19, 2013Press Item
"The Affordable Care Act is providing Americans greater access to quality, affordable health care and important patient protections.
December 20, 2013Press Item
As 2013 comes to a close, the Office of the Democratic Whip has created a new digital calendar year-in-review website feature, where you can find a detailed, visual display of how the House Republican Leadership chose to spend time, and which issues they chose to focus on, over the past year.
December 17, 2013Press Item
“It has been a privilege to serve alongside Frank Wolf for over thirty years. 
December 17, 2013Press Item
"I am saddened that my good friend Rep. Jim Matheson has decided not to run for reelection next year. Jim has brought to the House of Representatives the kind of thoughtful, responsible leadership that this country needs to see more often.
December 16, 2013Press Item
“Thanks to new standards established under the Affordable Care Act, Americans are receiving better value from their premium dollars, and insurance companies who fail to meet these new standards must send consumers a rebate.
December 13, 2013Press Item
Tomorrow we mark the one-year anniversary of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which took 26 innocent lives, including the lives of 20 young children.  
December 12, 2013Press Item
“The National Defense Authorization Act passed by the House this evening is an important piece of legislation that supports our troops and all those who work to defend and keep our nation secure, and I was proud to support it.
December 12, 2013Press Item
First of all, let me say America is advantaged by having two people who work on the Budget Committee who have great intellect, great integrity and care about America: Mr. Ryan from Wisconsin and Mr. Van Hollen from Maryland.
December 11, 2013Press Item
House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined 165 House Democrats today in a letter urging Speaker John Boehner not to adjourn the House for the year without bringing up an extension of federal unemployment insurance, which is scheduled to expire December 28. 
December 11, 2013Press Item
House Republicans want Americans to believe they are interested in adequately funding the National Institutes of Health (NIH), but their record tells a different story.
December 10, 2013Press Item
“I congratulate my friend Rep. Mel Watt on his confirmation as the next Director of the Federal Housing Finance Authority.