Issue Reports

August 11, 2010
Today, President Obama is signing into law the U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act, a key piece of Democrats’ “Make it in America” agenda that supports increased manufacturing in the U.S. and creating more manufacturing jobs right here at home.  Yesterday, he signed two other Make it in America bills into law, meaning three components of the manufacturing agenda have now been enacted:
July 20, 2010
This past weekend, Republicans defended the policies of President Bush and stated that they would return to that exact agenda - an agenda that drove our economy into a recession, exploded the deficit, gave free rein to Big Oil, and gave control of health care to big insurance companies.
July 15, 2010
Throughout this Congress, Democrats have passed legislation to help bring the deficit down and set a path toward long-term fiscal balance, including a budget enforcement resolution, PAYGO, and additional measures to address waste, fraud and abuse – almost entirely without Republican support.
June 30, 2010
This bill puts in place a financial system that is required to be more accountable and transparent. Financial institutions will bear the full cost of unwinding any failing institution, so under this bill, the Bush-era days of taxpayer-funded bailouts are over.
June 30, 2010
A stable and growing economy creates jobs, and this legislation will help ensure that our financial system can never again cause the type of damage that it did to our economy in 2008.
June 30, 2010
Wall Street Reform shuts down TARP, eliminates Treasury's ability to recycle TARP repayments and requires that all TARP repayments must immediately go to Treasury – helping reduce the national debt.
June 29, 2010
Throughout the 111th Congress, Republicans have opposed every effort to help Main Street Americans, while supporting those corporate interests that wreaked havoc on Wall Street and unleashed disaster in the Gulf.
June 22, 2010
Monday marked the 90-day anniversary of President Obama signing health reform into law.
June 17, 2010
Today the House passed the Small Business Lending Fund Act, following passage on Tuesday of its companion measure, the Small Business Jobs Tax Relief Act.
June 16, 2010
Today, the House will complete action on the Small Business Lending Fund Act, building on efforts to create jobs and grow the economy by encouraging lending from community banks to small businesses.
May 27, 2010
The Murphy amendment does not rush the process. It gives the Department of Defense as much time as needed to implement regulations and make relevant certifications before repeal takes place.
May 27, 2010
Permitting openly gay men and women to serve will not undermine cohesion or readiness, and the experiences of our allies are a good guide.
May 27, 2010
The bicameral proposal the House will vote on today puts the decision-making power back where it belongs – in the hands of military leaders, who are in the best position to craft personnel policies that protect our nation and maintain the primacy of our fighting force.
May 26, 2010
This week, the House will consider a proposal to the National Defense Authorization Act on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” which would call for its repeal contingent on the Department of Defense completing its review and the President, Secretary of Defense, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs certifying that the repeal would not impact military readiness.
May 13, 2010
Republicans spent a decade failing to defend the middle class, leaving behind a failed economy and a $4.5 trillion deficit.
May 12, 2010
Republicans launched an effort today dubbed “YouCut,” but they only propose cutting far less than 1% of the total budget. Compare that to the $4.5 trillion deficit that Republicans left President Obama after more than a decade of their failed economic policies and debt-financed spending.
May 11, 2010
Republican policies ran the U.S. economy into a ditch. Instead of pushing to help get us out of it, Republicans have stood with the special interests, voting against every major piece of legislation intended to help middle class Americans and create jobs, hoping to capitalize on a bad economy in the November election.
May 4, 2010
Congressional Republicans threaten to take us back to the failed policies that protect special interests over the middle-class – the same economic and fiscal policies that brought us the Bush Recession, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and put millions of Americans out of work.
April 27, 2010
During the 12 years that Republicans controlled Congress, they turned record surpluses into the worst deficits in American history.
April 19, 2010
Starting immediately and throughout the coming year, our families, small businesses, seniors, and young Americans will begin to feel the real and positive impact of reform.
March 25, 2010
Tonight on the House Floor, Republicans applauded Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) for calling for the repeal of health care reform. Watch the video here.
March 25, 2010
Republicans have called health reform “unconstitutional,” making no secret of their intention to repeal it and launching constitutional challenges in 13 states.
March 24, 2010
Democrats have remained focused on our top priority of creating jobs and building a strong and lasting economic recovery.
March 23, 2010
Today, President Obama signed health insurance reform into law. Starting from day one and throughout the next year, our families, small businesses, seniors, and young Americans will begin to feel the real and positive impact of reform.
March 21, 2010
The bill does not increase Social Security taxes or make any changes in the Social Security Act.