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March 10, 2010Press Item
Entering its 23rd decade, the U.S. Census is the longest-running national census in the world.
February 16, 2010Press Item
House Democrats were eyeing the history books in November when they voted for a sweeping health care overhaul that carried the name of the chamber’s longest-serving member, Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.).
March 3, 2010Press Item
Every ten years, as long as we have been a nation under the Constitution, the United States has taken a Census of everyone who lives here.
February 27, 2010Press Item
At midnight on Sunday, millions of Americans will lose their unemployment insurance benefits, lose access to COBRA health insurance, lose satellite TV, and even lose federal flood insurance. This has been caused by a Republican Senator blocking the extension of these provisions – and his Senate Republican colleagues allowing that irresponsible behavior to continue.
February 26, 2010Press Item
Last night, a single Republican Senator, Jim Bunning of Kentucky, blocked the extension of the benefits that are keeping Americans’ heads above water in the greatest economic crisis since the Depression.
February 8, 2010Press Item
Due to the weather affecting the ability of Members to travel to Washington, DC, there will no votes in the House tomorrow.
February 9, 2010Press Item
As a result of the inclement weather affecting Members’ ability to travel to Washington, DC this week, there will be no votes in the House for the remainder of the week.
February 9, 2010Press Item
As a result of the inclement weather affecting Members’ ability to travel to Washington, DC this week, there will be no votes in the House for the remainder of the week.
February 1, 2010Press Item
This month, America observes Black History Month to honor the contributions of the African-Americans whose work has shaped our nation in every area of endeavor.
January 28, 2010Press Item
Declaring "I don't quit," President Barack Obama fought to recharge his embattled presidency with a State of the Union vow to get jobless millions back to work and stand on the side of Americans angry at Wall Street greed and Washington bickering.
January 21, 2010Press Item
D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) signaled Wednesday that lawmakers have made “headway” on a gun amendment that has stalled the D.C. House Voting Rights Act for months, but it’s still unclear whether voting rights advocates would accept a compromised provision in return for the bill’s passage.
December 7, 2009Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) laced into Congressional Republicans on Monday for what he called their “deep irresponsibility” in pursuing a strategy that banks on the country’s failure.
December 10, 2009Press Item
On Monday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer delivered a startling speech on the obstructionism of minority Republicans and the dangers that poses to Congress and the country.
December 8, 2009Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer on Monday said Republicans have failed the test of leadership by refusing to come to the table on the big issues facing the country, offering a preview of a line of attack in next year's campaigns.
January 27, 2010Press Item
Tonight, President Obama spoke about the reality of these hard times, as well as the determination and optimism that have helped America overcome hardship in the past--the same qualities that are essential to our recovery today.
January 13, 2010Press Item
America’s thoughts are with the people of Haiti as they struggle to recover from yesterday’s devastating earthquake.
January 11, 2010Press Item
I join the Congressional community in expressing my sadness for the unexpected loss of Paula Nowakowski, Chief of Staff to Republican Leader John Boehner.
December 2, 2009Press Item
The 111th Congress has confronted enormous national challenges and been incredibly productive during its first session.
December 1, 2009Press Item
Our capital city is mourning the death of one of its leading citizens, a man I was proud to call my friend: Abe Pollin.
November 30, 2009Press Item
Tomorrow we commemorate World AIDS Day – a day to remember those living with HIV/AIDS and those we have lost to this horrific disease.
November 25, 2009Press Item
Tomorrow, we gather with our friends and families to give thanks for our blessings as citizens of this great nation.
November 18, 2009Press Item
Every day, we and our families live under the blanket of protection provided by America’s firefighters—men and women who are willing to risk their lives to safeguard us, our loved ones, and our property.
November 5, 2009Press Item
I stood with Members of the Tri-Caucus last month to register our strong opposition to the Vitter-Bennett amendment.
October 28, 2009Press Item
On his arrival in the Senate, Edward Brooke tells us in his autobiography, the same Senators who spoke out so forcefully for segregation were happy to invite their new colleague into the Senate swimming pool.
October 27, 2009Press Item
After months of work addressing critical issues like economic recovery and protecting American consumers, the House will meet beyond the targeted adjournment date as we continue to advance health insurance reform legislation and other matters.