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March 10, 2010Press Item
As Democrats continue to work to strengthen the economy and restore fiscal responsibility, Republicans are trying to forget their record.
March 10, 2010Press Item
Forty five years ago, civil rights activists attempted a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, to demand that their governor honor their right to vote and their God-given equality.
February 1, 2010Press Item
Today, President Obama released his budget request for fiscal year 2011.
December 10, 2009Press Item
Today, the House passed the FY 201O Consolidated Appropriations Act.
December 10, 2009Press Item
The Fiscal Year 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act combines appropriations bills for Transportation and HUD; Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies; Financial Services and General Government; Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies; Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies; and State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs—a total of $446.8 billion in discretionary budget authority.
July 9, 2009Press Item
Today, the House of Representatives passed the 2010 Agriculture Appropriations bill by a vote of 266 to 160.
June 16, 2009Press Item
I rise to voice my strong support for final passage of this supplemental appropriations bill.
June 16, 2009Press Item
This week, the House will consider the Fiscal Year 2009 Supplemental Appropriations bill, which includes funding for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
June 10, 2009Press Item
Tomorrow morning, the House will appoint Members to the conference committee on the supplemental.
May 14, 2009Press Item
I urge my colleagues to support this supplemental appropriations bill, which makes vital investments in the needs of our troops, responsible policy abroad, and security at home.
May 10, 2009Press Item
The mountain labored, and brought forth a mouse. Last week the administration confronted the budget of the U.S. government in the "line by line" review long promised by President Obama -- and found theoretical savings almost invisible to the naked eye.
May 7, 2009Press Item
The President made clear when he took office that his Administration would be focused on restoring responsibility to all parts of government, including the budget.
May 7, 2009Press Item
Today, President Obama announced his full budget proposal, including $17 billion in spending cuts.
May 7, 2009Press Item
I commend Chairman Obey for completing work on the President’s supplemental request for 2009 quickly. I will bring the supplemental to the House Floor for a vote next week so that we can send a bill to the President for his signature as soon as possible.
May 7, 2009Press Item
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) stepped out of his role as the heavy lifter in the background on Wednesday, calling on Congress to tackle long-dreaded entitlement reform, criticizing Congress for “a long history of inaction on long-term fiscal issues” and breaking with key Democrats by endorsing a commission to do so should Congress fail to act.
May 2, 2009Press Item
In "National Health Care With 51 Votes" (op-ed, April 27), Republican Sen. John Sununu argues that a minority of 40 senators ought to stand in the way of the 45 million Americans without health insurance, and millions more struggling with skyrocketing health-care costs.
May 6, 2009Press Item
If I were to guess the single most lasting lesson of our economic crisis, and if I were to spell it out in just five words, I would say: this is what debt does.
May 4, 2009Press Item
The proposal announced today by President Obama is a needed step to reform tax laws that currently give a competitive advantage to businesses that invest overseas rather than in our own nation, and that allow the wealthiest to avoid paying their fair share.
May 4, 2009Press Item
Today, President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner announced components of the Administration’s plan to reform our nation’s international tax laws.
April 29, 2009Press Item
Today, the House pass the FY10 Conference Report on a vote of 233-193.
April 29, 2009Press Item
Today, the House has the rare opportunity to set America on a responsible course for the future, a course of lasting, broadly-shared prosperity.
April 29, 2009Press Item
I am pleased to be here with the Blue Dog leadership, who supported the budget conference report that passed the House today.
April 27, 2009Press Item
Today, House and Senate reached an agreement on the FY10 Budget Resolution.
April 15, 2009Press Item
House Democratic Leaders speak out on tax day, April 15, 2009.
April 9, 2009Press Item
Today, the Obama Administration sent a Fiscal Year 2009 supplemental funding request to Congress.