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February 4, 2015Press Item
On Monday, the President released his budget for Fiscal Year 2016. His budget proposal builds on the strength of our economic recovery to make smart investments that will increase our nation’s competitiveness, while ensuring that working families share in the benefits of the recovery.
July 15, 2014Press Item
There's some good news. The good news is that this Committee is chaired by someone who wants to invest in America, grow jobs, and expand our economy.
August 1, 2013Press Item
“I was deeply disappointed to see that Senate Republicans voted nearly unanimously to block consideration of the Transportation-HUD Appropriations bill today, even while a bipartisan majority of senators voted to move forward with the bill.
July 30, 2013Press Item
“I thank the Gentleman. Let me start with the fact that I choose to believe that Mr. [Congressman Tom] Latham does not like this bill. Mr. Latham's not listening to me. Mr. Chairman, I wanted to say that [as] I start my debate, that I choose to believe that you do not like this bill.
April 29, 2013Press Item
“I join in congratulating Mayor Anthony Foxx on his nomination to be our next Secretary of Transportation. 
January 29, 2013Press Item
“I join in thanking my friend Secretary Ray LaHood for his leadership of the Transportation Department during President Obama’s first term.  I was privileged to have served with him during the fourteen years he represented Illinois’ 18th District in Congress. Throughout his time in public service, Ray has consistently put policy before politics, and has worked in a bipartisan way on behalf of his community, his state, and our country. 
July 9, 2012Press Item
Democrats’ Make It In America plan is based on the belief that when more products are made in America, more families will be able to Make It In America. The plan is intended to create the conditions to help American businesses produce goods here, innovate here, and create jobs here; it includes many of the investments necessary for America to out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build its international competitors. President Obama has already signed ten Make It In America bills into law, many of which won bipartisan support. Business and labor leaders alike support Democrats’ Make It In America plan—because Making It In America is central to the future of our competitiveness, our jobs, and our place in the world.
June 29, 2012Press Item
“Today the House passed a conference report that will give certainty to millions of students and that will pave the way for jobs and economic growth.  This should have been done weeks ago, but instead Republicans took us to the brink of seeing the highway bill expire and student loan interest rates double. 
June 26, 2012Press Item
“I am disappointed that tonight, House Republicans rejected the Senate’s bipartisan transportation bill —despite still lacking a long-term plan of their own. It has been over 100 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan transportation bill, one that continues the long, bipartisan tradition of the parties working together on this legislation.  The Senate approved the bipartisan transportation bill by a strong vote of 74-22, with 22 Senate Republicans crossing the aisle to support it.  It has been promoted by Chambers of Commerce in cities and counties across America, and highway safety advocates have hailed its new provisions to reduce deaths and injuries on our roads.  The Senate bill also expedites transportation projects without undermining our clean air laws or legislating on unrelated energy and air quality matters to the detriment of our environment.  Furthermore, it leverages federal funding to protect nearly two million jobs and create a million more.
June 26, 2012Press Item
With less than one week before the highway bill expires and student loan interest rates double, House Republicans are once again trying to score political points instead to working to restore our economy.  Instead of adopting bipartisan bills that create jobs and give businesses the certainty they need to grow and hire, Republican leaders are choosing instead to stage political show votes.  It is time for Republicans to stop playing games with our economy and instead focus on growing the economy and creating jobs.
June 21, 2012Press Item
“Mr. Speaker, tomorrow will mark, as I said a little earlier, 100 days since the United States Senate approved its bipartisan compromise highway bill in the United States Senate. Seventy-four senators voted for that. Essentially half of the Republican conference in the United States Senate voted for that bill.
June 20, 2012Press Item
With thousands of construction jobs on the line and businesses in dire need of certainty, House Republicans should not delay passing a surface transportation bill any longer. I commend Rep. Tim Walz for his leadership in introducing a motion requiring House and Senate negotiators to produce a joint version of a bill by this Friday. 
June 8, 2012Press Item
Mr. Speaker, some of the most pressing legislative items were nowhere to be found on the Floor this week. We had an opportunity to make headway on critical legislation. Unfortunately, the leadership provided no action. Not solutions, not action, only obstruction and delay.
June 7, 2012Press Item
Now is the time to come together and pass a comprehensive highway bill, not another temporary extension, as Speaker Boehner suggested today as a possibility. House Republicans should not walk away from their responsibilities and kick the can down the road, without offering solutions. We should be focused on giving businesses certainty and reaching a bipartisan, bicameral agreement to move forward on a highway bill, especially after the Senate passed an overwhelmingly bipartisan bill in March.
May 30, 2012Press Item
Last week, House Republicans unveiled a summer legislative agenda that brings forward partisan bills that do not create jobs and will result in higher taxes for the middle class because of their refusal to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share.         
April 25, 2012Press Item
After months of pursuing a partisan highway bill that went nowhere, I am pleased my Republican colleagues have finally moved to go to conference on a highway bill. The bipartisan Senate compromise bill passed with a vote of 74-22 over a month ago and ought to serve as the basis for any bill reported out by the conferees. We must come together quickly and pass a final bill in order to create economic opportunities and prevent the loss of thousands of construction jobs at a time when that industry has been hit hard by the recession.  I continue to urge Republicans to embrace the compromise Senate bill so we can make real progress toward advancing our recovery and investing in our long-term competitiveness.
March 27, 2012Press Item
Last week, House Republicans introduced a budget for fiscal year 2013 that is a repeat of the budget they put forward last year. It ends the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, and according to the Economic Policy Institute, puts four million jobs at risk. Instead of pursuing a budget that creates jobs, strengthens entitlements, reduces the deficit in a balanced way, and asks all Americans to contribute their fair share, the Republican budget makes the wrong choices.
March 22, 2012Press Item
The American people say to every member of the House and Senate: when are you guys going to get together? When are you going to work together on behalf of the welfare of the country? On behalf of us.  Not your politics in Washington, DC, but on behalf of us?