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May 21, 2017Press Item
The $110 billion arms transfer to Saudi Arabia announced by the White House - possibly as much as $350 billion overall - raises questions that need to be answered.
May 18, 2017Press Item
I was appalled at visiting Turkish security personnel’s use of violence against peaceful protesters here in Washington earlier this week. 
May 17, 2017Press Item
I thank my friend, the gentleman from New York, the Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee. I thank Mr. Kinzinger for his leadership and as well his statement. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this bipartisan legislation which will impose tough sanctions on entities aiding the Assad regime in Syria.
May 17, 2017Press Item
I was honored to meet today with Ambassador Gutiérrez of Mexico to discuss issues important to the U.S.-Mexico relationship and the millions of Mexican-Americans living in our country. 
May 15, 2017Press Item
Today, House Democrats launched a bold new initiative to strengthen higher education access and affordability for the twenty-first century.
May 15, 2017Press Item
Today’s decision by the Supreme Court not to revisit last year’s case against North Carolina’s 2013 voting changes ought to send a signal to Republican-led states that adopting tough voter-ID requirement and limitations on early voting and same-day registration will be seen for what they are: discriminatory measures intended to limit minorities’ access to the ballot box.  
May 15, 2017Press Item
Last week, President Trump met in the Oval Office with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov — a staunch defender of Russian aggression abroad and repression at home. In that meeting, according to the White House’s official readout, the president “emphasized his desire to build a better relationship” with Russia.
May 11, 2017Press Item
If the White House intends to create a commission to investigate voter suppression in this country, I hope its focus will be on the actual suppression of the voting rights of minorities, seniors, and students in states where Republican lawmakers have imposed barriers to ballot access since the terrible Shelby v. Holder Supreme Court ruling in 2013.
May 5, 2017Press Item
I am pleased that Mark Green has withdrawn his name from consideration to be the top civilian overseeing the United States Army. 
May 4, 2017Press Item
This executive order is little more than an effort to put employers in charge of the health care decisions of their female employees, for religious organizations to redistribute donations from the faithful to political candidates, and for doctors to discriminate against LGBT patients and their families.
May 3, 2017Press Item
The decision today by Puerto Rico’s governor to seek a judicial reorganization of the island’s debts and put its finances on solid footing is the responsible thing to do.  
May 2, 2017Press Item
The bill House Republicans just passed would end overtime pay as American workers know it.
May 2, 2017Press Item
Today, I’m proud to join Rep. David Cicilline and the LGBT Equality Caucus to cosponsor the Equality Act in the 115th Congress. 
May 1, 2017Press Item
A nation of immigrants. We say that, and we say it with pride. 
May 1, 2017Press Item
This evening, Israelis will gather to begin marking the sixty-ninth anniversary of their independence, joined by many in America and around the world who look to Israel as a beacon of hope and the triumph of Jewish self-determination after generations of exile and persecution. 
May 1, 2017Press Item
I join in celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, when Americans of all backgrounds pay tribute to the extraordinary contributions of our country’s Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities.
April 29, 2017Press Item
William Shakespeare famously declared that “past is prologue,” and the bard’s words ought to give us pause as we assess the first scene of this very strange play in which we now find ourselves as a nation. 
April 28, 2017Press Item
As President Donald Trump focuses on tomorrow’s 100 day benchmark, here’s a quick look at how he little he has achieved in his first 100 days in office.
April 26, 2017Press Item
“This was a very important meeting,” said Whip Hoyer.  
April 26, 2017Press Item
Saturday, April 29 marks Donald Trump’s 100th day as president. His first 100 days have been defined by chaos, incompetence and broken promises to the American people.
April 25, 2017Press Item
I was proud to join my colleagues in cosponsoring this resolution.
April 24, 2017Press Item
On this day in 1915, the arrest of Armenian social, political, and intellectual leaders launched a four-year campaign of genocide that took the lives of 1.5 million men, women, and children.
April 23, 2017Press Item
Tonight begins the annual observance of Yom Ha'Shoah, a day to mourn the six million Jews murdered during history's most brutal genocide as well as to pay tribute to heroic acts of rescue and resistance. 
April 16, 2017Press Item
I am appalled by reports that the governing authorities in the Russian republic of Chechnya have been detaining LGBT individuals and subjecting them to torture and possibly mass-murder. 
April 12, 2017Press Item
April 12th marks 100 days of the GOP-controlled 115th Congress. Republicans are the governing party, with majorities in both the House and Senate and control of the White House. Yet their deep division and dysfunction has resulted in chaos, incompetence, and the inability to govern.