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February 24, 2017Press Item
It is reprehensible that South Sudanese politicians cannot reach a peaceful end to the violent and destabilizing conflict they have created, which now threatens to exacerbate a famine that could leave millions without food.  
February 23, 2017Press Item
Reports that the Trump White House sought to pressure the FBI into making a public statement to minimize an investigation into the President's possible connections - and that of his campaign last year - with Russia and Russian intelligence officials ought to alarm every American, regardless of party or ideology. 
February 20, 2017Press Item
I am deeply alarmed by this latest wave of threats against Jewish Community Centers in states across the country. 
February 17, 2017Press Item
This week, I was deeply alarmed by actions taken by the White House that put the interests of Russia ahead of the interests of the United States.
February 15, 2017Press Item
Today, a bipartisan group of Representatives introduced H.R. 1059, the Russia Sanctions Review Act. 
February 15, 2017Press Item
Good morning, thank you very much for joining us.
February 14, 2017Press Item
It is not enough to say, okay, the National Security Advisor has resigned. We have here a pattern, not just a single incident of failing to disclose...
February 14, 2017Press Item
Michael Flynn's resignation must not be the end of the focus on this administration's concerning ties to Russia and the Putin regime. 
February 10, 2017Press Item
I continue to be deeply concerned that President Trump is taking steps that make America less safe. 
February 10, 2017Press Item
Reports that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn discussed easing sanctions with the Putin regime before the inauguration raise serious alarm bells. 
February 9, 2017Press Item
Tonight, America's judicial system delivered a strong rebuke to the Trump Administration's unconstitutional Muslim ban. 
February 8, 2017Press Item
I want to thank everyone for being here… This conference is a misnomer. No one in America ought to think this party is in retreat. 
February 4, 2017Press Item
I am deeply concerned by President Trump's attack on Judge James Robart, which shows a complete disregard for both an independent judiciary and the Constitution. 
February 3, 2017Press Item
This week, Democrats introduced legislation to repeal the Trump Administration’s Muslim ban, which is unconstitutional and makes American less safe.
February 3, 2017Press Item
It is fitting that the United States will impose new sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile test in contravention of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231.  
February 3, 2017Press Item
Australia has been our strongest, most loyal ally and being with us in the hot spots, not just as observers, but really in the fight with us. 
February 2, 2017Press Item
Attempts to murder or incapacitate journalists and pro-democracy activists are the hallmark of a criminal, illegitimate, and unfree regime, which is exactly what President Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become. 
January 31, 2017Press Item
Today, the House demonstrated its resounding, bipartisan endorsement of greater U.S.-Israel security cooperation by passing the United States – Israel Cybersecurity Cooperation Enhancement Act.  
January 31, 2017Press Item
Reports of an Iranian ballistic missile test are alarming and ought to be a reminder to all of us that Iran’s autocratic regime continues to flout international laws and U.N. Security Council resolutions as it pursues regional hegemony through threats and intimidation.
January 31, 2017Press Item
Mr. Speaker, I rise out of deep concern for our country, our people, and those who serve us in uniform.
January 30, 2017Press Item
On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order putting in place new vetting procedures for refugees and immigrants entering the United States without consulting our national security agencies or our allies around the world. 
January 30, 2017Press Item
President Trump’s reorganization of the National Security Council weakens our security and puts Americans’ safety and the safety of our troops at risk.  
January 23, 2017Press Item
That the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans are using their first full week of controlling the government to attack women’s health is very telling about their priorities.  
January 13, 2017Press Item
This week, Congressional Republicans voted to begin the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act.