Floor Statements

March 26, 2015
Whether we are for or against, the Congress is working today as the American people would have the Congress work. Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, our extraordinary staffs on both sides of the aisle, and Members have come together and dealt with some difficult issues. 
March 24, 2015
I thank my friend, Mr. Van Hollen, for yielding. I thank him for the extraordinary job that he's done as Ranking Member of the Budget Committee.
March 24, 2015
In parliamentary parlance what we have before us is termed a ‘structured rule.’ However, I would venture to say this is an unstructured rule.
March 23, 2015
This resolution is bipartisan and reflects the will of Congress that the nation of Ukraine deserves every opportunity to chart a future based on democracy, territorial integrity, and freedom from Russian aggression.
March 19, 2015
Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, I rise in very strong opposition to this resolution, and I urge every one of my Members to oppose this resolution.
March 17, 2015
Mr. Speaker, I was proud to join many Members of this House in Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama, from March 6th to 8th to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday,’  which led inexorably to the signing of the Voting Rights Act in August of that same year in 1965.
March 4, 2015
Mr. Speaker, the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov last Friday in front of the Kremlin was a reprehensible act that demands a thorough and independent investigation. 
February 27, 2015
This bill is complex and could be discussed for a long period of time. [Education and Workforce Ranking Member] Scott doesn't have a long period of time, and I will be brief, but I want to point out that when we passed, at the request of President Bush, No Child Left Behind, which everybody has recognized does not have some of the components that it ought to have and has some components that it ought not to have, and Mr. Scott's substitute fixes that which is broken, but I'll point out that that bill passed 384-45.
February 27, 2015
I join her in thanking Mr. [John] Carter and Mr. [Hal] Rogers for bringing to the Floor in December a Homeland Security bill that was appropriate, that funded at the levels that were agreed upon by both parties.
February 27, 2015
Mr. Speaker, what we ought to have the courage to do is to tell all our Homeland Security personnel:  ‘We're going to fund you through the end of this year’ – as we have told every other employee in the federal government that is protecting us and serving us on a day-to-day basis.
February 12, 2015
Mr. Speaker, the Congress has five legislative days left until February 27. 
February 12, 2015
The Chairman [Paul Ryan], who was the Chairman of the Budget Committee, offered a budget which cut food stamps $125 billion.
February 11, 2015
I rise in strong support of this bill of which I am a co-sponsor, honoring the brave men and women who marched in Selma. 
February 3, 2015
Mr. Speaker, this House is about to hold its fifty-sixth vote to undermine or repeal the Affordable Care Act – which came to us, by the way, by route of the Heritage Foundation, as I think probably most of you recall.
January 9, 2015
Mr. Speaker, I rise as I know all Americans would rise if they were here to express our solidarity with, our sympathy to, and our convictions for strong alliance with the people of France.
January 8, 2015
‘Save American Workers’ – make sure they don't lose purchasing power.
January 7, 2015
I thank the Gentlelady for yielding, and I appreciate her work and the work of Mr. Neugebauer for bringing this bill to the Floor. 
January 6, 2015
Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond to many of the representations that Mr. [Chairman Pete] Sessions made with reference to our economy, but we can all agree that our most important responsibility as Members of the Congress is to grow this economy, create the kinds of jobs that Americans need so that they can succeed and support themselves and their families. 
December 11, 2014
Thank you Mr. Speaker.  Mr. Speaker and Members, ever since the Conference Report was reported out, Leader Pelosi and I have told everyone how objectionable the two provisions that have been described to us are on our side of the aisle. 
December 9, 2014
Mr. Speaker, I rise to express my deep concern about the ongoing situation in South Sudan. 
December 3, 2014
Mr. Speaker, American families and businesses deserve certainty from their tax system. Confidence. Stability.
September 17, 2014
I thank the Gentleman [Ranking Member Adam Smith] for yielding. I thank the Gentleman for his leadership. I thank [Chairman Buck] McKeon for his leadership. We will see today a bipartisan action, a bipartisan action on behalf of America, on behalf of its security, and on behalf of our international partners in confronting terrorism.
September 9, 2014
Mr. Speaker, September should be a particularly important month for this House. It will be a month of contrast. It will be a month in which the American people will be able to see that the Republican message to the American people is ‘you're on your own,’ while Democrats say ‘we're on your side.’
August 1, 2014
Mr. Speaker, House Republicans have taken two bad bills – that fail to meet the challenge of the humanitarian crisis on the border – and made them worse.
August 1, 2014
In today's paper there’s an op-ed , it's written by Mr. McCarthy, the new Majority Leader. In that op-ed he said, quote: ‘I have always believed that you must win the argument before you can win the vote. In Congress, committees act as idea factories for policies from both sides, and as Majority Leader I will commit to the committee process and regular order.’ Apparently he didn't start yesterday doing that, and we don't start today doing that.