Make It In America: What’s Next?

Beginning in July 2015, Whip Hoyer will be holding a series of hearings to explore new ideas, solicit feedback, and work together with business, labor, educators, economists, and technology pioneers to ask an important question – “Make It In America: What’s Next?”  

Over the past five years, Whip Hoyer has been leading House Democrats’ Make It In America plan to spur the creation of high-wage, private-sector jobs here in our country so that more workers and their families can secure a place in our middle class.  Launched as the economy was still working to recover from the Great Recession, this jobs plan focused on what could be done, on a bipartisan basis, to expand America’s manufacturing sector quickly and over the long term.  This included investments in promoting innovation and research, creating connections between educators and employers, and rebuilding or expanding infrastructure to move goods to market more efficiently. Traditionally, manufacturing jobs have paid workers well and offered access to opportunities that have always made the American Dream possible. 

Since 2010, sixteen Make It In America bills have been signed into law. For a full list of Make It In America enacted laws, click here

Five years after Make It In America first launched, our economy has significantly changed, and we are facing a different economic landscape. House Democrats are preparing to launch the next phase of the Make It In America plan, exploring new challenges and opportunities for job creation and economic growth.  In a series of hearings, we will be asking how Congress can best help our nation’s businesses, workers, innovators, and entrepreneurs compete and succeed in today’s economy.  

The hearings will feature discussion of topics as diverse as “fab-labs,” the “internet of things,” “maker spaces,” STEAM education, small agriculture startups, automotive innovation, and export promotion.  They include new ideas for where we can capitalize on past successes and address future challenges are laid out.  Be sure to check back over the next several weeks to follow developments from the hearings, watch videos, and read about some of the groundbreaking ideas that will shape the Make It In America plan in the coming year. 


View liveStream of "Make It In America: What's Next?" Member hearing from 2 - 4 PM on July 9, 2015. 

View liveStream of "Make It In America: What's Next?" HEARING WITH Outside Experts from 2 - 4 PM on July 28, 2015.