Whip Hoyer on Morning Joe Discussing 'Make It In America' Jobs Agenda

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 “I tell people the Democratic party sees themselves as the party of workers, but if we're going to be the party of workers, we have to be the party of employers. People have to understand that synergy. I think it's appropriate that the President reaches out. We have an agenda that I call Make It In America. That is a number of meanings. Obviously going to make it, you are going to succeed.  But also that we're going to manufacture things, make things and sell them abroad, grow things and sell them abroad. The President wants to double exports. The way we'll do that is to have a working relationship between business and the Congress and the President. “

“The message we got in the election was focus on jobs. How do you focus on jobs? Our Make It In America agenda that I talked about, Joe, is an agenda which say, A, you can be successful in America and, B, the American people believe it we're not making things in America, we don't we compete  in the global marketplace. You have to make sure that policy is consistent with making profit when you make things in America or we're not going to get to where the President wants to be. He talked about investment in our infrastructure. He talked about investment in education. His friends at the Chamber of Commerce absolutely believe he's right. “