Whip Hoyer on CNBC Discussing the GOP's Failure to Pass Their Debt Default Bill

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... we had ben quayle on in the last hour, last night same story. but he told us this morning that he support this and is hoping his colleagues will as well. it looks like there's some progress that could be taking place behind-the-scenes. we'll hear more about that. 10:00 a.m. we'll get a better idea. joining us from capitol hill, house minority whip steny hoyer. congressman hoyer, we watched with what's been happening here. you must have a better idea than we do. where do things stand? >> we see a deeply divided party on the republican side of the aisle who knew this crisis was coming. i advised in april as we sat around the be a net table with the president we ought to solve this problem by the first of june and not push this country to the brink of default. unfortunately, every effort to do that has been rejected. every effort, every meeting, every conference that's looked for compromise, the republicans have walked out. what speaker boehner. >> agree with you. this should have been solved earlier. >> let me make my point. what the speaker now sees is that his own members have walked out on him. the pattern of walking out, whether it was the bowles-simpson agreement or the biden talks, frankly whether it was t.a.r.p. when president bush said our country is in crisis we're going to go into a depression we need to pass something two-thirds of the republicans walked out on president bush. >> congressman, i like you, but you're still arguing back and forth on politics on this and the democrats have not come any closer to passing a plan. will we see some sort of a compromise where both sides get their own left and right wing in order and we find some common ground in the middle. >> any honest observer, very frankly would say the reid plan which has at least 53 votes, the majority of the united states senate. >> all democrats. >> that's correct. but it's essentially what speaker boehner set forth in his new york speech. it has no taxes in it. we think there ought to be revenues. it's not a fair observation to say the democrats have not put something on table that, in fact, is a very, very substantial step towards the republicans to try to solve this crisis. but the republicans have said no they can not say yes to their own proposal. the 2.2 trillion, dollar for dollar increase in the debt, increase in spending. >> congressman, let's get practical. over the "weekend now", if the boehner plan to were get passed then we'll move to the senate, we'll try to put these things together. how does it work? can it work? does it ultimately get left back in the house? >> the boehner plan will not passing the senate. they know that. >> but if the boehner can't pass in the house how can the senate plan pass in the house? >> "the washington post" said the adults ought to take over. >> we're the adults. >> who are the adult? >> i'm confused. we're four days away from an absolute deadline. >> as you know, the republicans put a bill on to increase the debt limit which everybody knew has to happen. every republican leader said it's critical and they offered the bill -- >> let's figure out what has to happen now. >> what has to happen the republicans have to come to table and compromise. very frankly, an awful lot of people on our side of the aisle think the president and democrats have gone way too far towards the republicans already. so, you know, we keep moving. every day, every week, every month, and we don't get there. the republicans walk out of the room. then people like yourselves say well geez whiz what more can you do? we can put up the flag of surrender. we don't intend to do that. to make compromise we're prepared to do that, we're prepared to look at triggers to make sure that the reid committee has real effect. frankly, we entered into a bipartisan agreement under bowles-simpson. we're prepared to pursue those alternatives. the republicans walked out on it. their position is no revenue. >> now we're down to -- >> let me ask you this, congressman. >> frankly we don't control the house and very frankly we can't get something through the senate if senate mcconnell simply stamps his foot and said none of my people can vote for anything that has the majority support of the united states senate. >> you have a very valid point if nothing gets passed through house to, if boehner cannot get this through the republican party. but we have been hearing a few ...... many weeks and months ago very frankly but i'll call your attention to the fact, you keep saying the blame game. republicans walked out on george bush at a similar time of crisis. they walked out on president bush. not just on president obama. so this is not a new performance by the republicans. >> steny, that's interesting -- >> we need to reach compromise. i've been on the phone with numerous united states senators trying to figure out how to get from where we are right now to where we need to be. how we can compromise. how we can get some changes in the reid bill so we can get seven republican united states senators to join 53 democratic senators to send a bill to the house. to have discussion. to have compromise. there's no democrats that mr. boehner has reached out to and said look if we make some tweaks in the bill can you get votes for it? no. it's all been within his own party. >> you did make some interesting news, i think, because i've never heard anyone concede that the president was still bargaining with that 400 billion and maybe taken that off and come back to the speaker. i'm wondering do you think if the 400 had come off do you think that either side could have delivered on the votes for that bill? do you think you could have gotten your side in line on the cuts to medicare that the president was proposing, an entitlement, and boehner could have gotten his side. >> the democrats had 100. >> could boehner deliver the votes? that does sound like a missed opportunity we should feel bad about. >> i think you're absolutely right. the answer to that question is i think the president of the united states would have a good opportunity at getting a significant number of democrats to support a compromise. we knew that compromise was necessary. >> i wonder if boehner could. >> he could not have. that's why he walked away. the proof in that pud is he can't get his members to back his own deal. forget about compromise. because why? because it had revenues. who thinks we taught have revenues? every commission that's looked at this and frankly many of the republican leaders that i talked to privately say you cannot get to where we need to get, we need to bring down the deficit, we need to bring down the debt. you cannot get there without dealing every item of expenditure on the federal ledger. >> can you smile and walk out next week when everything is okay and everything is put together with both sides. is that? possible? it doesn't even in sound possible. can you still smile? let me see. >> i can still smile. >> everybody -- hopefully that is what will happen. >> pray for that result. >> would you give odds? you've been doing this a long time. >> don't want to give odds. i cannot believe that with the reputation and fiscal posture of the united states at be risk, frankly we cannot reach a compromise but we won't reach a compromise just on our way or no way. >> i'm worried about the fact that you can't give odds. just do it for andrew. he's so worried. >> with all due respect we all need to do it for america. america is at risk. america's families are at risk. this is a serious crisis. and each needs to come to a place where we can get this done. >> couldn't agree with you more. congressman hoyer thank you very much for joining us today. >> coming up, sean egan's biggest fears. may surprise you. that's next. ...