Whip Hoyer Andrea Mitchell Reports Discussing the Budget Negotiations

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... the hard work. two test votes scheduled. senate leaders are headed to the white house for a meeting with the president. can they break the stale meat before possible government shut down again next friday. good to see you congressman. thanks so much. another show down here. i think you have a different point of view on that. >> you are right, of course. let me say there were two offers. the president made an offer on what he thought the budget ought to look like. that was the 2011 budget that he submitted. the republicans said we want to cut that $100 billion. we have now offered based upon the same base that the republicans are using. we're comparing apples to apples. the democrats haven't gone at least half way. a little more than half way. after the senate vote we will see what the republican's counter offered to the senate offer is. the bottom line is the american people want to see this issue resolved. they rely oncoming. they certainly want cuts. we want cuts. but as david brooks said, those ought to come after thorough analysis and careful consideration of priorities. that has not happened yet. i am very hopeful and will talk after the senate votes to see whether or not we can reach a compromise and we can move forward. to see what they will propose in terms of investing in our future and making sure we have the services we need while cutting smartly and effectively to bring this deficit down. >> you have got the senate side, west virginia, new democrat, former governor. some say going rogue with his criticisms of the democrats. >> let me say this, andrea. my view is i talked to bill yesterday. and the white house is involved. james is involved. jack is involved. and they have met with the republicans. they continue to talk with republicans and democrats. it's clear that the white house, the house and the senate need to work together to resolve this impasse and address the upcoming fiscal year 2012 the republicans in the election talked a lot about certainty. that was destabilizing for our economy. to reach an agreement to fund government for this year and address next year's government. it is irreresponsible and destabilizing and adds -- as i say i want to reiterate in september republicans said they wanted to cut 100 billion tlrs from obama's budget, president obama's budget. we have now in the senate offered $51 billion of those cuts towards that $100 billion. we have come more than half way. will nutrition a counter offer as to what they think their members will support. >> i want to ask you briefly about the npr controversy. the ceo has quit under fire. there was a sting, a video. we know the controversy over how some of these stings are done. do you have a problem trying to defend npr? this is not a cost saving move. now it is becoming so politically fired up. what is nobody is suggesting that their journalism has been at all biassed but you have got -- you have got an executive fundraiser who is not involved in the journalism is making it more difficult. >> i agree with your premise that npr and its reporters and journalists provide an excellent service to the american people and indeed to the international community in terms of the news and information that they are able to gather. ...