Hoyer: Unnecessary Cut-Off of Emergency Unemployment Insurance Another Consequence of Republicans’ Failed Leadership

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This morning, there was a room available for some of the citizens of our country to come to Washington and their Capitol – their Capitol, with their office building, and their office and tell their story, [but Republicans] cut us off. They tried to silence the voices of those who are in deep pain because of Republican failings, because of Republicans ignoring the pain of so many people in America. We’re raising awareness today about an issue that has adversely impacted over two and a half million Americans, just a few of whom wanted to speak today in their Capitol. The sudden and unnecessary cut-off of emergency unemployment insurance was another consequence of Republicans’ failed leadership and do-nothing agenda. As long as Congress fails to restore emergency unemployment insurance, another 72,000 people per week will join the ranks of those whom we listen to today. I’m not happy to introduce, I’m proud to introduce— but not happy, because Lettice Brown has been unemployed since early last fall, and lost her unemployment insurance in mid-March—Lettice Brown, a victim of the ignoring of the people’s pain by the Republican leadership. Lettice, thank you very much for being here.