Congress Provides Aid to Victims of Hurricane Sandy, Republicans Play Fiscal Games With Debt Ceiling

For Immediate Release:

January 18, 2013


Earlier this week, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill providing comprehensive aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy.  While this relief should have been passed before the end of the last Congress, I am glad that the people in the Northeast most affected by this natural disaster will be able to receive the much needed tools and support they need to rebuild their homes, businesses and communities.

In the next few months, our nation is facing a series of upcoming fiscal deadlines, and the only way to move our economy forward is through bipartisan and balanced action that responsibly addresses our fiscal challenges.  Unfortunately, Republicans continue to play games with our country’s economy. Several Republican Members of Congress indicated they would be willing to let our country default – a disastrous move that would halt Social Security, Medicare, and military payments – in an attempt to gain leverage in political negotiations with President Obama.  Instead, I hope that Republicans will work with President Obama and Democrats to ensure the continued recovery of our economy by reducing our deficit in a balanced way.

Sincerely yours,


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