Tax and Appropriations

Hoyer Floor Statement on Short Term Continuing Resolution

"Democrats believe that spending cuts are part of the solution—but we also believe that those cuts must be smart and targeted, not pegged to an arbitrary number. We have to cut the spending we can do without, not the vital investments that are helping to grow our economy, helping our private sector innovate, and creating the jobs of the future...

Hoyer Statement on the Recent History of Debt, Federal Spending, and Median Income

When I come to the floor to speak about our country's recent fiscal history, I'm often told there's no point in looking back. But Majority Leader Cantor got it entirely right when he wrote this: "the future will not be won by repeating the mistakes of the past." Unfortunately, however, we are proceeding on a path that shows little inclination to live by those words...

Congressman Hensarling and Democratic Whip Hoyer Engage in Heated Debate Over Budget Cuts on CNBC

The fact of the matter is under every Republican President that i've served with over the last 30 years, we've had very substantial 100 billion dollar plus deficits. As a matter of fact, under George Bush's leadership and in respect of his veto pen which he didn't exercise we went into debt $3.8 trillion. During the Clinton Administration, we had a surplus...

Hoyer: Tax reform: Spur jobs, reduce deficit

For Immediate Release:

January 20, 2011


Steny Hoyer

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee is meeting to discuss reforming the U.S. tax code. Though in its early stages, I believe tax reform can be one of the most promising areas for bipartisan cooperation in this new Congress. Members of both parties can agree that a tax code that unleashes economic productivity, creates middle-class jobs and reduces the deficit would be a major boost to our economic future.

Hoyer: Turning to Nation’s Business in Wake of Tragedy

For Immediate Release:

January 19, 2011


Rep. Steny Hoyer
The Hill

As Congress returns to work this week, our community is still recovering from the tragedy in Tucson, Ariz., and praying for the health of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and all of the wounded. A tragedy like this doesn’t make our differences disappear; but this can, I hope, be a time to remember that the grave challenges our nation faces are common to us all and can only be overcome with common effort.

Leader Hoyer on MSNBC's Hardball Discussing the 9/11 Health Bill and Don't Ask Don't Tell

I think we had a lot of very important things that we wanted to get done and what the election did was it took away the high motivation for obstructionism that I think existed prior to the election. As a result, we were able to sit down at the table and agree on some things and move forward. The 9/11 bill, as you know, just got 70% of the votes that were cast...

Hoyer Floor Statement on Tax Package

...this bill, the President of the United States believes, and I believe, will have a positive effect on the economy and I think we need that. And unlike some of my colleagues whose views I share but have reached a different conclusion, I will vote for this bill. I don't want to see middle income working people in America get a tax increase...

Bipartisan Accord Possible on Some Issues in 112th Congress, Hoyer Says

For Immediate Release:

December 13, 2010


By Sam Goldfarb
CQ Today

Hoyer strongly endorsed rewriting the tax code — an objective recently floated by the White House — saying that it would require and could attract bipartisan support in the next Congress.

The Maryland Democrat presented his vision for the new Congress in a speech before the National Press Club. But his presentation was overshadowed by questions about House Democrats’ strategy for dealing with a bill (HR 4853) to extend the expiring 2001 and 2003 tax rates (PL 107-16, PL 108-27).

Leader Hoyer Discussing Tax Cuts on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

"I simply do not believe the deep debt that comes from Republicans upper income and estate tax cut is worth their minimal impact on job creation. Those cuts, in my view, harm our long-term prosperity with little short-term gain in return."