Republican Outrages

Important Graphs

A collection of graphs produced by the Whip's office, most of which have been used on the House floor by Democratic Whip Hoyer.

Hoyer Statement on Health Care Votes in House Today

For Immediate Release:

April 14, 2011


Daniel Reilly, 202-225-3130

Office of the Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer

Hoyer Floor Statement on Continuing Resolution

...But there does come a time when the American public expect us to be able to act. Gridlock is not what they voted for. Madam Speaker, I will vote for this resolution. I do not vote for this resolution because [I] like everything that's in it or dislike everything that's in it. If I were writing this resolution the priorities would be different...

Hoyer on CNBC's Squawkbox Contrasting the Budget Priorities of the GOP and the Democrats

We need to reach agreement, we need to reach agreement on extending the debt limit so that this country pays its bills and doesn't put the domestic or international marketplace in chaos. We need to come to agreement how we're going to cut spending if our children and grandchildren are going to inherit a country that is successful and competitive in the international markets...

Hoyer on House Floor: Republican Budget Has Disastrous Priorities that Hurt Working Class Americans

Today, President Obama is speaking on a plan to confront our nation’s unsustainable deficits. I believe it will stand in stark contrast to the Republican budget: a budget of disastrous priorities that concentrates its pain on middle- and working-class Americans, while creating yet another windfall for the wealthy—at a time when income inequality is at a height we haven’t seen since the 1920s.The Republican budget ends Medicare as we know it...

Whip Hoyer Discusses the Potential Government Shutdown on MSNBC's The Last Word

...It's been self-evident for some period of time now, that this issue was not over dollars. We made substantial cuts in spending. We know we need to make cuts. We need to effect efficiencies and bring this deficit under control. the fact is this has not been about dollars. It's about social policy. it's been about, in particular, as you pointed out, women's health issues. and very frankly, it's a shame that we've come to the brink of shutting down the federal government over maintaining women's health...