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GOP QOTD: ACA Repeal Bill "Universally Detested"

Today’s GOP Quote of the Day comes from Representative Justin Amash (MI-3), who tweeted about the GOP bill to make Americans #PayMoreForLess this morning.  With Democrats, a number of Republicans, providers, patient advocates, and others all opposing the Republican bill, Rep. Amash sums it up quite well: 

Democrats Hold Hearing on the Impact of the GOP’s ACA Repeal Bill, Strongly Oppose President Trump’s Budget

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March 17, 2017


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Hoyer Delivers Opening Remarks at Hearing on the Impact of the Republican ACA Repeal Bill

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March 16, 2017


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If They Like Obamacare, They Can’t Keep It

If you like your health care and want to keep it, Republicans say: Too bad. Check out this exchange with Republican Whip Steve Scalise on whether Americans will be worse off under the Republican plan:  

 Mark Halperin, MSNBC: “Can you say not one consumer will be worse off your plan?”

  “If someone is on Obamacare today, and they really like Obamacare, that will be gone after our transition period…”


Tax Breaks for Insurance Company CEOs = Middle Class Families #PayMoreForLess

For those of you who aren’t tuned into the Ways and Means Committee markup this evening, here’s what you missed…

From Politico Pro: Committee approves tax break for insurers

“The Ways and Means Committee approved a provision expanding a tax break for health insurers, becoming the first provision in the House’s Obamacare repeal bill to make it through the committee.”

Brookings: CBO will predict 15 million to lose coverage under GOP reform bill

While we wait for a CBO score, expected next week, Brookings is out with their estimate of the impacts of the GOP #PayMoreForLess ACA repeal bill and – shocker – the news is NOT good for Republicans. From Politico:

Hoyer Discusses the GOP Bill to Make Americans Pay More For Less with MSNBC's Craig Melvin

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March 8, 2017


Mariel Saez 202-225-3130

Office of the Democratic Whip Steny H.<div class=###

FACT CHECK: Chairman Brady's Opening Remarks

There were a number of dubious claims made during Chairman Brady’s opening remarks this morning; we’ll point out just two of the biggest whoppers below:

WHAT HE SAID: “As President Trump said in his address to Congress last week, ‘Obamacare is collapsing,’ and ‘decisive action must be taken to protect all Americans.’ This morning, we will answer President Trump’s call to action, and we will send a clear message to all who are hurting because of this law. That message is: Relief is on the way.”

Impact of GOP's ACA Repeal Bill? "We Don't Know"

Before tuning into the Energy & Commerce and Ways & Means Committee markups this morning, here’s another reminder that Republicans are rushing the process and have no idea what the impact of their bill will be, courtesy of Senator Mike Lee (R-UT):

Ryan vs. Reality

As you read Speaker Ryan’s op-ed in USA Today this morning, we thought we’d offer a look at how Ryan’s rhetoric on the House GOP’s ACA repeal bill compares to reality:

Ryan: “The collapsing law is driving up health care costs and driving out choices for American families.”

Reality: What will drive up premiums and will cause insurers to potentially drop out of the market? The uncertainty sown by Republicans, which is destabilizing our health care system.