Republican Outrages

Talking Bush Tax Cuts and Fall Agenda on CNN

What we need to realize what was going to happen was put in place by the Republicans in 2001 and 2003, to meet their budgets. And the President said we are not going to allow families to have a tax increase, period. Families in the $250,000 and under people, which is under 98% of the people...

Hoyer Discussing the Republican Agenda on the Ed Show

The GOP is connecting itself to the tea party positions. So we don't have to connect them ourselves. The Republican candidates are doing that already. And when you have people saying, we ought to do away with social security, that as you just pointed out, Mr. Miller, unememployment insurance is somehow unconstitutional, that we want to go back to the policies that failed so badly, not only in the last administration...

The Real Republican Agenda

For Immediate Release:

September 28, 2010


The Republicans unveiled their “Pledge to America” last week and, just as we thought, it contained no new ideas and was a return to the “exact same” failed agenda as President Bush. Their agenda to return to their previous policies makes it clear who they stand with—big corporations and special interests, instead of middle class families.

The Real Republican Agenda: Taking Our Eye off the Real Fight, Putting Our Nation at Risk

For Immediate Release:

September 23, 2010



Today Republicans unveiled their agenda calling for the exact same failed policies of the past.  The national security agenda presented, once again, does not focus on the real fight against terrorism and the places that give them sanctuary and put our nation at risk.  A review of the Real Republican Agenda:
Taking Eye Off Main Fight Against Terrorism

Discusses Democrats Fighting to Keep Teachers, Police, Firefighters on the Job

It's going to pass. The Senate passed it in a bipartisan way. We came back from our break to make sure we pass it. We're anxious of teachers being laid off. We think this will keep 160,000 teachers on the job teaching our children...

Discussing the Vote on Emergency State Aid on MSNBC

It is a bill that's fully paid for, as you know, and it seeks to help states keep teachers on board so the class sizes are not exploding and we think that is going to keep about 160,000 teachers on the job this fall, which we think is positive for students, for parents and our country...

Turning the Tide: from the Great Recession to Job Creation

While millions of Americans are still hurting from the Great Recession and more work remains, America is starting to move forward and cannot go back to the failed Bush policies...

Speech on U.S. Economy and Job Creation at the Center for American Progress Action Fund

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer appeared at the Center for American Progress Action Fund on Friday, July 23rd at 11:15 a.m., speaking about Democrats’ record on job creation, economic recovery, and the challenge of balancing job creation with long-term action on deficits.

UPDATED: Hypocrisy: Watch What I Say, Not What I Do

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March 17, 2010


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