Foreign Affairs

The American-Israel Relationship: An Unbreakable Bond

For Immediate Release:

March 30, 2003

Contact:House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer

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I want to thank you for inviting me to join you here today.  And I want to thank you for allowing me to share this stage with my colleague and good friend Roy Blunt.



For Immediate Release:

March 17, 2003

Contact:Stacey Farnen

WASHINGTON– House Democratic WhipSteny Hoyer (MD) released the following statement tonight in response to the president’s speech on Iraq:

“The President’s speech to the nation tonight left little doubt that the international community’s 12-year effort to disarm Saddam Hussein through diplomacy is nearing an end.


At Diplomacy's End

Only Action Will Secure Saddam Hussein's Disarmament

For Immediate Release:

March 12, 2003

Contact:Congressman Steny H. Hoyer
(202) 225 - 3130

I. Introduction: Our Commitment to International Engagement

Sixty years ago, as darkness and destruction gripped the European continent, and as the United States fought to liberate millions there and in the Far East, Winston Churchill delivered a compelling call for unity that continues to ring true today.


Statement of Congressman Hoyer Condemning the Selection of Libya to Chair the United Nations Commission on Human Rights

For Immediate Release:

February 11, 2003


Absurd, Grotesque, Tragic

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my good friends from Illinois and California, Chairman Hyde and ranking member Lantos, for bringing this very important resolution to the house floor. It's a moral imperative, and a matter of principle, that this house speak as one today.

The selection on January 20th of Libya, a gross violator of human rights and state sponsor of terrorism, to chair the United Nations commission on human rights is an affront to basic decency. And it demeans the United Nations itself.


Hoyer Delivers National Security Speech at CSIS

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) delivered remarks this morning on Democrats’ record on national security and a comprehensive security strategy that uses all of our tools to keep Americans safe at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic & International Studies...

Hoyer Opens Debate on Health Reform

Today, March 21, 2010, we will cross another bridge. It is not a physical bridge but it is a bridge that too many Americans find that they cannot cross, a river that separates them from the security of having available the best health care that is available in the world. Available to them. We are here to conclude a day of debate which concludes months of debate in a national conversation that began more than a century ago. But this much is beyond debate. American health care is on an unsustainable course...

Hoyer Joined With Minority Whip Cantor to Discuss the Allegations Surround Congressman Massa on NBC

I thought the Ethics Committee was the appropriate venue in which to have this matter quickly investigated and resolved, and in fact, of course, within three weeks, as you know, the Congressman decided that the charges that were pending, or the situation that existed, was serious enough that he was going to resign from Congress...

Lead-Up to Health Care Summit Discussed on CNBC

I think the American public probably know pretty well what to discuss and that's a discussion of one of the most serious issues confronting our country, that's the cost of health care, availability of health care to our families and to our businesses and the cost to our country. The Americans i talk to all over this country understand that health care needs to be reformed...

General Debate on Pay-As-You-Go Rules on House Floor

Ladies and gentlemen of the House, as we have on numerous occasions we just raised the liability -- or the ability to b the -- those obligations, of course, come from actions america's already taken. Those actions cannot be changed. So was necessary to pay the bill. but we can and must confront our record debt going forward...

Rules for Debate on Raising Federal Debt Limit on House Floor

The gentleman who represents the minority party on the Rules Committee has confronted this issue in the past. He confronted it in 2002, he confronted it in 2003, he confronted it in 2004 and again in 2005. On each of those occasions he voted to increase the debt limit. His party was in charge. Unfortunately my party voted against it at that point in time because we weren't in charge. The point I make is that the American public too often believes that we do not do what we think is the responsible thing for our country but what think is the right thing to do from the perspective of our party...