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Majority Leader Hoyer Blasts the Republican Motion to Recommit on Health Care

My colleagues on the other side of the aisle demanded 72 hours notice for the bill and they've gotten four or five months notice. They gave us 72 seconds to consider this amendment...

Majority Leader Hoyer's Floor Statment on the Affordable Health Care for America Act

...never again, never again will you be denied coverage because you have diabetes or asthma or some other disease or because you're pregnant or because you have anything else your insurer decides is a pre-existing condition...

Hoyer Talks about House Vote on Health Care on MSNBC

We think we'll have 218 by the time we vote on this bill later on this afternoon or early this evening. We think that all the members of the Democratic Caucus without exception believe that we need to pass major health care reform so that we can make health care affordable and accessible for all Americans...

Tobacco FDA Issue and Budget Plan Versions on Power Lunch

What we hope to accomplish is having the Food and Drug Administration, which is charged with making sure the public knows the risks and avoids the risks to the extent they can, look at this from a Federal perspective and make it clear to the public the consequences. So we think this will up the level of oversight, which we think is appropriate...

Hoyer Addressing Obama Speech on Fox News

I felt it was an excellent speech. I felt he did exactly what he needed to do. First of all, he laid out the problem that confronts us immediately and explained what we were doing to meet that crisis and what we would do to meet that crisis.

Hoyer Delivers Explanation of Economic Recovery Debate on the House Floor

We are today in my opinion to be honest with the American people. They need to know that this economic crisis will not end overnight. I think the Chairman's made that pretty clear, and they need to know the reasons why. The deep, deep, deep fiscal hole we have inherited after eight years of fiscal recklessness.

Leader Hoyer Discussing TARP on House Floor

We are the ones who also, notwithstanding the failure of the bush administration to request it, put yesterday in a bipartisan vote additional constraints for accountability and transparency and for focusing on those folks who are at risk of losing their homes. The gentlelady, I know, did not vote for that either. Today, I think that every member of the House is thinking back to words we said in a similar debate four months ago when the Tarp was originally in front of us and wondering whether we can still stand by them...

Digging America Out of Republican Debt... Again

"There is a great deal to gain from looking back honestly at the choices made and their consequences..."

Congressional Agenda for the New Year Discussed on Fox News

All of those are objectives we'd like to attain. We've all talked about this, this is not a bill for special interest earmarks or add-ons, this is a bill to try to create jobs, quickly, and to invest for long term economic development and recovery. And so this is both a recovery package and investment package for the future...

Speaking at the National Press Club on the Congressional Agenda

Our challenge is ensuring that we live up to the possibility of that day and the promise of this moment in history. With that oortunity in mind I want to talk as house majority leader about the shape of the new congress and its work in the new year.