Floor Statement on Passing of the Bill for the State Children's Health Insurance Program

The logic behind the final passage of this Bill which brings into the state Children's Health Insurance Program as has been said already four million children who are eligible but not yet enrolled. Quite frankly, as a result of the veto of the legislation we passed in the last Congress, four million children went to bed last night with their parents worried if they got sick...

Statement on Economic Recovery Package

I want to start my remarks taking a little bit of time, I want to start my remarks talking about bipartisanship and how we got here and why we're here. Over a year ago it appeared to us that the economic program adopted in 2001, 2003 was not working. It also appeared to the administration that it was not working.

Statement on SCHIP Reauthorization

...If I can find the most efficient use of our health care dollars, I'd insure more children. I think 80% of americans agree with us on that...

Discussing the Senate Bill for Financial Rescue on CNN

The concerns are not so much about the continuing of the tax extenders, that is the benefits research and development tax, the taxes to help solar, wind, other energy sources. Clearly we're for that. What the Blue Dogs are concerned about is paying for these and not making the deficit worse. That's the controversy...

Supporting the Continuing Resolution on House Floor

We are debating frankly a c.r. today because we did not complete the appropriations process. I think that's regrettable. I hope we do not repeat that next year.

Addressing Plan to Stabilize Financial Markets on Power Lunch

We need to act and we need to act very, very soon and we need to act in a decisive way, and I think what they heard and I think when you played Hank Paulson's comments a little earlier was a response that there was an understanding in a bipartisan way that this matter was extraordinarily serious.

On Fox with Neil Cavuto on AIG and More Stimulus

There are two sides the investment side is not in good shape obviously. We just saw Lehman Brothers go down $650, clearly the consequences of a failure would be substantial. Secretary paulson was reflecting the fact that going further and putting the taxpayer at continued risk on bailing out companies that frankly have taken risks that were unjustified, is not necessarily the policy of what we continue to pursue, particularly when the federal government itself is so deep in debt.

Discussing Energy Speculation Bill on House Floor

None of these bills alone is a panacea. We all recognize that and we all recognize that there will be no immediate solution, but all of them together constitute a vital step toward confronting our oil dependency and our energy independence...

Hoyer on the Republican So-Called Lobbying Reform Bill

...who do our Republican friends believe they're fooling, with this so-called lobbying reform bill? I submit, not a soul....

Whip Hoyer Demands a Return of Fiscal Responsibility

...I thank both Mr. Ross and the Blue Dog Coalition for focusing on what I believe to be one of the most critical problems confronting our country...